Three Thoughts on Ray McDonald Situation

| May 26th, 2015


  • I questioned the social responsibility associated with the Ray McDonald signing at the time the move was made. The Bears displayed none, overlooked a history a sketchy behavior towards women, and gambled on a bad guy not being bad for the year he would spend under contract with the Bears. George McCaskey did not want his organization to make this move. This is why. The reward was not worth the public relations risk.
  • Easy for Kyle Long to Tweet “good riddance” about McDonald after McDonald does what he did. He also Tweeted this when the move was made: “If yall don’t like second chances I can go back to folding t shirts and sticking the shoe room at the surf shop lol.” If you read about McDonald, you’ll realize the Bears didn’t give him a second chance. They gave him a fifth chance.
  • I know a lot of people. None of them have beaten a woman. None. It ain’t that hard to NOT do. McDonald is a bad human who should never be allowed on an NFL field again.

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