Vikings Hand Bears Third Straight Loss (Rapid Fire)

| December 21st, 2015

The Bears have hit a wall. They overachieved for the better part of this season and there seems to be very little left in the tank. Injuries and lack of talent have finally caught up with them. When a game is this lopsided there’s little reason to dissect the minutiae but here comes rapid fire nevertheless…

  • How Ryan Pace handles Alshon Jeffery will be interesting. He’s a difference maker on the field but he just never seems to be on the field. Can you really pay a receiver elite money when he is only out there ten games a season?
  • Offensive line is climbing the ladder of concern every week. Too many penalties and three of the five positions have been legitimately poor for several weeks. All the skill talent in the world won’t make a difference in 2016 if Bears can’t block em up front.
  • Jay Cutler’s season has stalled with the declining line play. But even when he’s had time to throw, there’s nowhere to go with the ball. No, the receivers are not getting open. But can’t Adam Gase create some easy non-bubble screen throws to move the ball? I keep hearing how effective Gase’s system has been. I haven’t a clue what that system entails.

  • That’s a second Cutler INT on a screen pass. That’s called being predictable.
  • John Timu looked like a middle linebacker. Next two games will be pivotal for him.
  • Willie Young may not think he’s a 3-4 outside linebacker but he’s been the best 3-4 outside linebacker on the Bears for six weeks.
  • Lamarr Houston. Can’t stay onside, huh?
  • Great call by the coaching staff to go onside kick to start second half. Shocked me.
  • Is Bryce Callahan really this important to the defense? Since he left the lineup they’ve been unable to cover anything underneath.
  • Baby steps, Robbie Gould.
  • Pernell McPhee can shoot off after these games about intensity and effort but he hasn’t exactly been Lawrence Taylor of late. I know he’s playing through injury but he’s been mediocre doing so. He’s a vocal leader and the defense needs that but I have to wonder how tiring these speeches get in the locker room.
  • Eddie Royal is not an outside receiver. He’s a slot guy. And he sure ain’t running like he’s 100%.
  • Cutler: “We’ll find out who in the locker room has some character and wants to finish and who doesn’t.” Couldn’t agree more. Many of the players on this roster are not guaranteed a return trip to Bourbonnais next summer. Bears will learn a great deal the next two weeks.

Final response to the loss? It happens. Eventually the Bears weren’t going to be able to keep a game close. Too many injuries. Too many mistakes. And when you’re a team with deficiencies in talent, those are the two things impossible to overcome.

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