Welcome to 2004: Rapid Fire Reaction to a Week 2 Disaster for the Chicago Bears

| September 21st, 2015

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We wanted to see improvement. We wanted to have hope. No improvement. Hope gone. Season over? Reactions…

  • Up until the interception, Jay Cutler may have been playing his best game as a Chicago Bear. He had remarkable awareness in the pocket, made smart decisions and didn’t throw a single inaccurate pass. He also seemed to thrive with the read option concepts Adam Gase installed. Then a poor throw is compounded with the ridiculous decision to try and make a tackle. Now he’s got a “hamstring” injury. Those who hate Jay Cutler can hate him all day long but they should recognize this team this will be non-competitive without him.
  • But wasn’t this Jay Cutler’s Bears career in a nutshell: flashes of brilliance, terribly pick-six, injury.
  • Jimmy Clausen’s performance reminded me an awful lot of Shane Matthews in the 2001 playoffs. Jim Miller throws a pick. Gets injured trying to make a tackle. Matthews forgets how to play football.
  • Clausen’s appearance also brought out the worst in Adam Gase. His play-calling once the backup entered the game fell off a cliff. Abandoning the run, stretch runs when only inches are needed…etc. John Fox has to step in during these sequences.
  • Bears may have nothing in David Fales. They KNOW they have nothing in Clausen. Start Fales if Cutler can’t go.
  • Kyle Fuller. Not good.

  • But for all those people complaining about the secondary over the last 24 hours, what did you expect? This site and many others have been warning you for nine months the Bears don’t have a competent secondary. That game is what happens when a non-professional secondary gets tested.
  • Don’t overreact to the opening kick return. Teams simple don’t get enough reps defending the play anymore.


  • Jared Allen’s interception was a freakishly athletic play.
  • Pernell McPhee was all over the field. But most of the game he seemed completely alone in the pass rush. He’s just got to finish these sack opportunities.
  • Matt Forte really looks in top form this season. If the Bears don’t intend to bring him back in 2016, they must make him available to other teams. He can put someone over the top. (Imagine him in New England?)
  • Robbie Gould has been magnificent through two games. There was a time when the Bears were afraid to have him kick from 50+. Now he makes those in his sleep.
  • I like the way Adrian Amos hits people. He has a violence to his game the defense is sorely lacking.
  • John Fox’s reaction to the mess, from Moon Mullin: “[But] we’ll find guys that want to do it and can do it, and we’ll move forward.”

Bears are 0-2. And now they are going to Seattle, where they’ll be beaten by a desperate contender that needs a win in the worst way. 8-8 is drifting out the window.

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