What Does Kevin White Selection Mean?

| May 1st, 2015


With the seventh pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Ryan Pace and John Fox did what many predicted they would do and selected West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White. What does the pick mean?

  • It means Pace won’t be pressured into fixing the defense overnight. Nobody would have faulted the new GM for taking Beasley or Dupree in this slot and pointing to the 2014 defensive rankings. Instead Pace went for high upside and gave Jay Cutler another weapon.
  • It means the Bears aren’t sure Alshon Jeffery is a true number one receiver. If they were I’d have to believe they wouLd have been looking for a complementary player later in the draft.
  • It means the 2015 Bears are going to give Jay Cutler some very easy throws. I expect this offense will feature even more bubble screens than Trestman’s did but now those screens will have big play potential and not just embarrass the city of Chicago on Thanksgiving.
  • It means the Bears weren’t willing to give up what the Titans wanted for Marcus Mariota. Based upon what Tennessee turned down from Philly, I can only imagine what it would have taken to pry that pick loose.
  • It may mean the Bears REALLY DID commit to Cutler short term once Mariota deal died. White is big and loves to go up and get the ball. Those are Cutler’s favorite types of receivers.

Willhe be great? Who knows. But he will be interesting to watch.

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