Around the League Tweets – Week One

| September 13th, 2016


Around the League Tweets return!

(Until I get bored with them and stop in like Week 4.)

1/10. Welcome back, NFL. There’s nothing like you.

2/10. Pats went on the road, to one of the best teams in the league, and won with their backup QB making his first start. Fucking Belichick.

3/10. Pats now have 3 at home. Dolphins. Texans. Bills. They won’t be any worse than 3-1 when the greatest QB of all-time rejoins them.

4/10. Jets had 7 sacks Sunday & they get Sheldon Richardson back Thursday. 2nd best defensive line in sport ain’t in the same stratosphere.

5/10. Alex Smith is a Checkdown Charlie but when a team asks him to light it up, he constantly shows he can. 2nd half Sunday was brilliant.

6/10. If Peterson doesn’t dominate, Vikings offense doesn’t work. Not sure switching from one stink bomb QB to another will make difference.

7/10. Indy is going to waste Andrew Luck’s career by tying him to the worst GM/coach combination in the league. They get worse every year.

8/10. Feels like Jeff Fisher is sitting Jared Goff at this point to simply buy himself another year. Blaine Gabbert just beat him by 4 TDs.

9/10. If Josh Norman is worth a zillion dollars, why is Bashaud Breeland covering the great Antonio Brown? (NFL coaches ain’t that smart.)

10/10. Colin Kaepernick has found the best way possible to get the football public on his side: a feud with Trent Dilfer.

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