Five Things I Wish the 2016 Bears Had (#4)

| August 30th, 2016

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#4 – A Young, Interesting Backup Quarterback

Based on history there is a strong probability Jay Cutler will miss a game or two this season. And when he does, Brian Hoyer will step into the starting role and lose. Just like Clausen and Hanie and Quinn before him. Losing with the backup quarterback in today’s NFL is nothing to be overly upset about. There are very few teams, if any, that can survive losing their top talent at the most important position in professional sport. But the disappointing and disheartening part of losing with a Hoyer or Clausen is there’s nothing to be gained from the experience. It’s empty calories.

Losing with a young quarterback, a quarterback with the potential to start in the future, a quarterback who brings some excitement to the field, can actually be fun. The Dallas Cowboys didn’t want to play a single offensive snap without Tony Romo under center this season. But now playing those snaps with Dak Prescott will at least give Cowboys fans an opportunity to glimpse their possible future. (Dak’s preseason has been ridiculously over-celebrated but at least that celebration gives fans hope.) If Dallas had to go through the next two months watching Luke McCown throw footballs to the other team, they’d be checked out of the campaign by the first of October.

The Bears may have had that opportunity with Connor Shaw.

But they no longer do. If David Fales had an opportunity to be an NFL starter, we’d know by now.

No, if Jay Cutler gets hurt the Bears will just lose in a boring, predictable fashion. With no offense. And no chance.

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