Five Thoughts on Free Agency, Day One

| March 10th, 2016

It was an exciting opening of the league year for the Chicago Bears. And one thing is absolutely certain: they got better. Five thoughts…

  • The signings of Danny Trevathan and Bobby Massie mean the 2016 Bears will open the season significantly better at inside linebacker and right tackle. It also means they will see their most significant upgrade at right guard. Vlad Ducasse is horrible. Kyle Long is one of the best guards in the game.
  • There will be a lot of chatter about the money given to Tracy Porter but it won’t come from me. Porter is not a shut down corner but he had a solid 2015 and the Bears didn’t need to create another hole in a secondary full of them.

  • Don’t sleep on Jacquizz Rodgers returning. The Bears had serious plans for Rodgers in 2015 until injury detailed his campaign. His usefulness in the return game was sorely missed last season.
  • Really like Ryan Pace’s approach to free agency. I’m not a believer in breaking the bank for superstars in FA. Those contracts cripple the cap and rarely work out in the long run. (Does anybody believe Vernon is worth all that money in New York?) Use free agency to find solid starters who improve your team and get your superstars in the draft.
  • Brock Osweiler just got $72 million. Chase Daniel got a deal from Philly that can be worth up to $36 million. I will no longer take criticisms of Jay Cutler’s contract seriously.

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