Five Thoughts on Stuff That’s Been Going On

| June 10th, 2016

I haven’t written much of late for one reason: I have very little to say. I’m a firm believer in football having a definitive offseason and for me that offseason is from the Monday after the NFL Draft until the start of training camp. But here’s a few thoughts on what’s been going on.

(1) Manny Ramirez retired. So that’s a depth piece gone from the middle of the Bears offensive line. Explain to me again why Matt Slauson is not on this roster.

(2) I’m starting to believe the unit that could hold the Bears back from being a playoff contender is the offensive line. 40% of the unit is a complete question mark. (And someone who wasn’t madly in love with Cody Whitehair could argue 60%.)

(3) Andrew Dannehy was critical on Twitter of Brad Biggs apparently stating Adrian Amos has a make or break season coming up. Didn’t hear the spot but here’s what I’ll say about Amos: he’s being put in the best possible situation to success. Hicks/Goldman up front. Trevathan/Freeman in the middle. Amos won’t have to clean up much in the run game and when he does he’ll be able to do what he does best and that’s hit people hard. (He’s never going to be great in the pass game.)

(4) Everyone hopes Zach Miller stays healthy for the duration of 2016. But his track record ain’t too good. Bears have NOTHING at the position behind him unless one of these kids emerges.

(5) USA v Paraguay Saturday night. May be the single biggest match of the Klinsmann era because if this USMNT doesn’t find themselves in the knockout stage of Copa, Klinsmann may find himself looking for work. Even though a draw will most likely get them through they have to play aggressively, attack from the midfield and let the defenders defend. An early goal could be all they need to confident ride the wave out of the group stage.