Got A Christmas Present? Better Unwrappid Fire!

| December 25th, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to you all. Thanks for another wonderful year at DBB. I hope I can keep improving this place for years to come.

Bad game yesterday. Very bad. Here are some quick thoughts.

  • That was a full meltdown from Matt Barkley and quite frankly, I half expected it. I knew yesterday was not going to be an “on the bubble” performance. It was going to be definitive. How Barkley responds next week, on the road, at a division rival, will have a huge say in his role with the organization moving forward.
  • Bombs to Josh Bellamy when he’s triple covered?
  • Would I pay Alshon Jeffery $17 million a year? No. will anybody in the league pay him that? I don’t think so. Bears need to get a deal done, even if they slightly overpay this guy. Jeffery may not be a weekly ten-catch guy but he is always capable of the spectacular and there’s distinct value to that.
  • Cam Meredith is going to be the third receiver next season.
  • Don’t want to get ahead of myself here but Jordan Howard is starting to look like one of the best Bears draft picks ever. If they held the 2016 draft today, Howard is going in the middle of the first round.

  • Hard to like the way Charles Leno is finishing this season. He made Preston Smith look like Bruce Smith yesterday.
  • Tracy Porter. Wow. That was something.  Porter is the kind of veteran Fox loves to play but they can’t expect to be a successful secondary in 2017 if Porter is a prominent contributor.
  • Leonard Floyd had a terrific rookie season. Give the brain nine months off. No reason for him to play next week.
  • Why is John Fox calling those timeouts at the end of the game? What message is he trying to send? Players aren’t that dumb. They know when a game is over and this game was well over.
  • Good to see Jonathan Bullard jump off the screen a bit. Bullard needs to take a significant leap from year one to year two.
  • Pernell McPhee is an undisciplined player. And he’s more concerned with crowd noise than keeping contain. Bears need more pass rush.

Gotta be honest. I’m ready for this Bears season to be over. There are better days ahead, no question about it, but I can’t watch this collection of players play much more. I mean…Daniel Brown?

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