Legal Tampering Period Open Thread (Update 3/9 – 12:20 PM)

| March 7th, 2016


Monday 5:35 AM CST – Expect news to break rapidly over the next day or so as teams are now allowed to enter into contract negotiations with free agents. Last year we pretty much knew every major deal before the start of the league year. Stay tuned to DBB for updates as news comes in.

Monday 11:42 AM – Nothing is happening.

Monday 1:00 PM – This is actually a pretty good breakdown of the potential targets for the Bears by Moon. Seems to me the need at inside linebacker and marketplace are in alignment. 

Monday 4:20 PM – I imagine teams/agents are all debating how long they can take before they leak the contract terms they’ve been illegally negotiating for weeks. Since they’ve only been “allowed to speak” since 4, what do you think? 5:30?

Monday 5:45 PM – Brace yourself, Bears fans.

Monday 7:06 PM – Dwayne Allen was paid about 5 times what he’s worth by the Colts and Mike Klis reports Malik Jackson is a Bears target.

Tuesday 4:39 AM – What’s weird about this time of year is I wake up expecting to see big news having broken on my Twitter timeline overnight. Woke up this morning. Nothing. Won’t be available this morning (playing golf) so next update will be early afternoon.

Two things I’ve heard and believe. (1) Yes, the Bears are interested in both Danny Trevathan and Malik Jackson. But they seem more comfortable paying Trevathan, who could quarterback the defense. (2) Another primary target is the interior of the offensive line. Pace and Fox were not paying lip service to Charles Leno with recent comments. They are content with him starting on the edge in 2016. The player they should target is Richie Incognito but the Ray McDonald debacle looms large there.

Tuesday 2:48 PM – All signs pointing to a Bears/Trevathan deal. Stay tuned.

Wednesday 5:11 AM – Reports last night indicated the Falcons are also interested in Danny Trevathan and that Trevathan may be looking for more than the $7 million or so per the Bears are offering. Nevertheless, Trevathan seems to be the Bears initial target to start free agency.

Wednesday 8:51 AM – Marvin Jones has left the Bengals for the Lions, spurning the advances of former offensive coordinator Hue Jackson. Lesson for Bears while pursuing Trevathan. Players always choose more cash over a coach they liked.

Wednesday 12:20 PM – Bears are now being linked with Chiefs guard Jeff Allen


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