Match-ups That Matter: Eagles at Bears

| September 15th, 2016


It’s hard to read too much into what the Eagles did to the Browns last week. The Browns are a triple-A franchise right now. But there was enough to digest in those sixty minutes. Which match-ups matter most Monday night?


It is the single biggest mismatch in the game.

  • In 2015, Carr got to 20, Osweiler got to 17 and Winston got to 21. Fox and Fangio’s defense managed to keep rookie/new starting quarterbacks in check, especially at Soldier Field.
  • The Bears have a lot of potential looks to show Wentz and many of those looks will be ones he’s never seen before. They can blitz from five different positions. Their outside linebackers are all capable of dropping into coverages. This is the kind of night where the Bears need Fox and Fangio to play chess and make the kid uncomfortable. Just lining up and playing ball, which is a lot of what they did in Houston, won’t work.
  • The Bears run defense found something in the second half against Houston. If the Eagles don’t make the down/distance easy for Wentz, he’ll struggle.


Four thoughts:

  • I can’t imagine the Eagles coaching staff watching the Bears/Texans tape and having any thought other than, “we can’t let Alshon Jeffery beat us”. Expect Jim Schwartz to try and take Jeffery away all afternoon by pushing safeties in his direction.

  • From Paul Domowitch, who’ll be appearing on the Weekend Show tomorrow: “On defense, the pass rush needs to be more consistent and they must do a better job against the deep ball.” The Bears are going to have multiple opportunities in the passing game, especially deep, because the Bears offensive line/scheme should be able to handle the Eagles pass rush.
  • Robert Griffin threw a few deep balls Sunday against this secondary. They weren’t thrown to anyone in particular. They were just kind of thrown. And oddly they were completed even though there were several more green than brown jerseys in the general region of the football. Is that just a blip on the season’s radar? Possibly. Or it could be that this secondary lacks ball awareness and will struggle against a solid collection of receivers Monday night.
  • If Leodis McKelvin is out with injury, and it looks like he may be, the Eagles will be starting 7th round pick Jalen Mills. The Bears will pick on him. A lot.

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