Preseason Bears Roster Falls To Lions (Rapid Fire)

| January 4th, 2016


Another coin flip game, another coin flip loss. No reason to dissect every element so here are a few thoughts from inside the ballpark you might find interesting.

  • John Timu ran the defense. And I mean ran it. Called the signals, made adjustments, pursued on every play. You’d have thought he was a six-year veteran. Impressive stuff.
  • Kyle Long could barely walk at times after his early injury. He’s a tough SOB. But I kept wondering what reasons Bears could have to keep marching him out there.
  • Pernell McPhee’s criticism of Bears fans at Soldier Field is warranted. The noise produced downstairs – from goal line to goal line – is slight. Most of those people seem to have no understanding of when a home crowd is needed. They were louder for the Dunkin Donuts race on the big screen than any third down on defense.

  • The final interception happened directly in front of me and when the ball left Cutler’s hand my entire section thought it was a touchdown. Then Deonte Thonpson did something remarkable. He just kept running and didn’t turn around until well after the ball was picked five yards behind him. Weird part is he got himself wide open! If he simply stops and turns around it’s an easy completion and he’s one missed tackle from the end zone.
  • There was a tee shirt on sale at Soldier Field for $60.  A tee shirt!
  • Bears really miss Peanut Tillman in these Lions games. They don’t have a big, physical corner to keep Calvin Johnson from moving the chains.
  • It’s wasn’t very difficult to recognize Adam Gase’s play calls once the Bears lined up. I nailed about 15 of them. Have to believe this was result of limited roster.
  • Brad Biggs’ point that Bears are looking up at the NFC North is a bit silly. They played six games against division opponents and four were won in the final moments. Bears showed in 2015 they will be close to the top of this division in 2016 with the right personnel moves.

Final press conferences today. Will be active both here and on Twitter responding. Welcome to the 2016 offseason!

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