Ranking the Bears Positions of Needs as Legal Tampering Begins Monday

| March 4th, 2016


The Bears have needs. Many needs. So I’ve decided to apply a point value to those needs. 0 points would mean the Bears have absolutely no need to address this position during free agency. 10 points would mean the Bears are in trouble come 2016 if they don’t make a significant move. Here are the rankings, with a single sentence of rationale for each.

9.2 Defensive Line

Yes, Eddie Goldman looked like a long-term contributor for the Bears up front, but this unit was the least explosive on the entirety of the roster in 2015.

8.3 Inside Linebacker

McClellin, Timu and Anderson each had moments last season but the Bears need a true run-stuffing thumper in the middle of their defense.

8.1 Offensive Line

With so much talent available in the middle of the line (Mack, Boone, Incognito) the Bears would be doing their run game in 2016 a tremendous disservice by entering the season with so many question marks along the line.

8.0 Tight End

If Martellus Bennett is truly headed out the door (as the whole world is reporting) the Bears not only need to sign Zach Miller but also pair him with another player to threaten the middle of the field.

7.0 Safety

Normally I would not make safety a point of focal point of free agency but there’s some genuine veteran talent at the available (Weddle, Iloka) and the Bears need it.

6.2 Quarterback

I bitch about the backup quarterback every off-season and am routinely admonished on social media but Cutler will miss a few games next season and the Bears will inevitably lose them if they don’t address depth in the quarterbacks room.

5.o Cornerback 

It is a position of need but the track record of Fangio/Donatell is to coach up lesser talent so I’d be surprised if the Bears committed financial resources to this position.

2.4 Edge Rusher

With McPhee, Young and Houston ready to roll in 2016 this is a position the Bears should have their glare fixed upon come April.

1.1 Running Back

Get a mid-rounder and add to the rotation.

0.6 Wide Receiver

Always been a proponent of the ABAW (Always Be Adding Weapons) philosophy but the Bears will enter 2016 with one of the deepest and most exciting receiving corps in the league without making a move.

0.1 Kicker/Punter

Robbie Gould will undoubtedly see some level of competition come this summer but it sure ain’t coming by way of free agency.

0.0 Fullback

Why the Bears don’t employ one is beyond me but they don’t seem to have the interest.


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