Ranking the Bears: The Bottom Of The Roster

| July 26th, 2016


Training camp is here and the Bears have a number of interesting young players coming to camp who are worth getting to know. They also have a lot of players who you probably don’t need to know anything about.

To save everyone time, I did a little research on each player and ranked all those entering camp. You’re welcome.

Here are the guys on the bottom of the roster:

59. Jonathan Anderson, LB. His performance against the Packers on Thanksgiving might have been the best the Bears got out of any of their inside linebackers last year. He’s fast, but can’t beat blocks and may not have the necessary instincts. Still someone to watch in camp as a possible special teams contributor.

58. Tony Moeaki, TE. Just seems like he’s been done for five years. Worth a camp invite, but I don’t see him being much more than that.

57. Ben Braunecker, TE. Nicknamed Bronk because everyone wants to be nicknamed after Rob Gronkowski. Went undrafted in a fairly week TE class, but he’s a good athlete and he’s from Harvard.

56. Cornelius Washington, DL. A super freak athlete who hasn’t been able to have an impact on the Bears defense. He has been a good special teams player, but is coming off a serious injury.

55. Pat O’Donnell, P. Has a big leg, but ranked in the bottom half of the league in both punting average and net average. Also was outside the top 10 in punts inside the 20 and punt return average. And has had at least one punt blocked each of the last two years. Maybe a victim of the Bears overall poor performances on special teams, but also seems to be a below average punter.

54. Aaron Brewer, LS. The Bears brought him over from the Broncos where both Fox and Jeff Rodgers previously coached him. He’ll be alright, but he’s no Patrick Mannelly. Then again, who is?

53. Christian Jones, LB. I’m not entirely sure what to make of Jones. He showed flashes as a rookie, but looked lost all of last year. I think he’s a better fit as an outside linebacker, so he’s higher on this list than he otherwise would be.

52. Deonte Thompson, WR/KR. Averaged nearly 30 yards per kick return last year and came through with a  number of big returns when they needed them. Also made a couple big plays in the passing game. It’ll be interesting to see if he can do enough to warrant a roster spot.

51. Daniel Braverman, WR. The kind of overachiever Bears fans love to root for, but he might have a tough time making the team. The Bears have two good slot receivers and better options as return men. But, then again, Braverman is used to people betting against him.

50. Nick Becton, OT. Ryan Pace mentioned Becton as a backup tackle they had confidence in but we really haven’t seen much of anything from him.

49. Roy Robertson-Harris, DL. A pretty highly thought of UDFA. Most thought he’d be an edge rusher, but Bears list him as a defensive lineman. Might need a red shirt year, but is an interesting prospect.

48. Chris Prosinski, S. A solid special teams player who had a good game at safety on Thanksgiving against Green Bay. Eventually lost his job to an UDFA.

47. DeAndre Houston-Carsons, S. The wildcard amongst the Bears young DBs. Seemed to have a knack for blocking kicks in college. Not a great athlete, but might have good enough instincts to make an impact.

46. Jacquizz Rodgers, RB. Veteran back averaged less than three yards per carry before he was injured last year. Has value on special teams and on passing downs, the latter of which could make him a lock for a roster spot if nobody else on the team shows they can block.

45. Senorise Perry, RB. He was a four-phase special teams standout as a rookie. Showed explosiveness as both a return man and a running back in preseason last year before season-ending injury.

44. Rob Housler, TE. Has been a productive receiver in the league, but that was a lifetime — by NFL standards — ago.

43. Amini Silatolu, OG. I had never heard this name until the Bears signed him. He’s got quite a bit of experience and potential, but he can’t stay healthy. He was a backup before being injured last year, but Carolina’s interior offensive line was very good. Probably will be a backup for the Bears, but worth watching.

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