Rapid Fire Response To the Year-End Press Conference

| January 4th, 2016


Brief but interesting conversation between the assembled media and Ryan Pace/John Fox. Here are a few thoughts:

  • Small thing but Pace had a piece of paper in front of him identifying the members of the media. It was a nice touch to be able to say first names with each response and I think it tells you something about Pace’s ability to reach people.
  • Pace’s most telling comment was about his happiness with the makeup of the running backs room. Sure sounded like he viewed Forte as part of the future.
  • Pace had the perfect tone on Cutler. He reiterated the organization’s commitment to him while not ruling out taking a QB if he’s viewed as BPA. (I would be shocked if the Bears considered a QB in the first round.)
  • If Charles Leno Jr. isn’t the starting left tackle next season Pace is a really good actor. Effusive praise.

  • Pace squashed rumors that there are irreconcilable differences between the Bears and Martellus Bennett. But he circumnavigated the question when asked if Bennett fits the culture (he doesn’t). My position continues to be this: make him fit. His skill set is unique and paired with Zach Miller the Bears would have a lethal tight end combination.
  • There was palpable energy obvious. Pace seemed genuinely excited by the direction of the franchise.
  • Pace didn’t sound like a guy looking to cut a $100M check in March.
  • John Fox reiterated, as he seems to do often, the offensive system ain’t changing if Adam Gase leaves. Fox is not a figure head. It is his defense AND his offense. Bears see how this system fits Cutler. It won’t change.

My guess? Forte back. Bennett gone. Mid-round quarterback. If Gase goes, Loggains promoted. Many short-term veterans brought in during free agency.

DBB will begin evaluating the Bears roster, position-by-position, Thursday.

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