The Possibilities at Eleven: Volume III

| April 18th, 2016


Prospect Profile: Shaq Lawson, Edge, Clemson

Pros: Very athletic and never takes a play off. Athleticism was a question for some before the combine but Lawson had arguably the best performance at his position. Was very productive with 12.5 sacks and 24.5 tackles for loss last season. Had 21 tackles for loss and seven sacks his first two seasons as a part-time player at Clemson.

Cons: Suffered a knee injury late last year and was flagged at the combine for a shoulder issue. Hard to say how that will turn out. His arms are on the short side, measuring 32.75 inches.

Summary: I love Lawson as a prospect, but I don’t think he’s going to have a ton of sack production in the NFL. I can see him being a Tamba Hali clone. He’ll have around eight sacks per season and be very productive against the run. Probably best suited to be a teams second-best pass-rusher. Is that worth the 11th pick?

Jeff’s Thought: 8 sacks per season? If he’s guaranteeing that you sprint to submit the card at 11.

Prospect Profiles: Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis

Pros: Great size, athleticism and production at Memphis. Did not turn the ball over, something that many believe will translate to the NFL. Has the potential to be a real franchise quarterback.

Cons: When the going got tough, he struggled. Memphis didn’t play a lot of good competition, but when the defenses stiffened, Lynch resorted to safe, easy throws. While he didn’t turn the ball over, that style didn’t produce the kind of big plays teams want to see from their quarterbacks, especially if they’re considered franchise players. Some questions about if he parties too much, something that’s sure to scare teams away after Johnny Manziel. Has supremely douchey facial hair.

Summary: I’m not entirely sure what separates Lynch from Carson Wentz. Lynch is a bit bigger, more athletic and more productive at a higher level. It makes me wonder about the things we don’t get to see, like his intelligence, his work ethic and his leadership. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes. It’s possible the NFL rates him right on par with Wentz and it’s the analysts who are behind.

Jeff’s Thought: Lynch is worth a third-round pick.

Prospect Profiles: Jarran Reed, DL, Alabama

Pros: Probably equal to teammate A’Shawn Robinson as a run defender. Has really good technique and is a bull at the point of attack. Should be a starting nose tackle Day One in the NFL and will anchor his team’s run defense.

Cons: Doesn’t have the pass-rush potential Robinson has. A little bit shorter, not as long and more than a full year older than Robinson. Already has polished technique, but still wasn’t able to pressure the quarterback much. Probably limited to playing in the interior.

Summary: I think Reed is going to be a very good pro for somebody, but I don’t think it’ll be the Bears. Reed probably can’t play end in their base defense, which would mean sliding Eddie Goldman out and he also isn’t an ideal fit. If Reed is there in the second round, the Bears should just grab him and figure out how the pieces fit together later.

Jeff’s Thought: Bama scares me. 


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