Thoughts on Round One (With a Significant Bears Slant)

| April 29th, 2016

#1. Do I like the Bears selection of Leonard Floyd with the ninth overall pick in the draft? Honest to goodness, I have no idea. Adam Jahns spelled out the reasons this selection is no sure thing but the reasons the Bears made the move are clear: they wanted more speed and athleticism on the edge. They got it.

#2. The Bears moved up to get Floyd because the whole world, especially the whole world here in New York, knew the Giants coveted the Georgia linebacker. If the Giants value a pass rusher enough to make him a top ten pick, chances are he’s a damn good pass rusher. The last time the Giants got that position wrong in the draft was pre-George Young.

#3. This wasn’t the Bears choosing from what was left on the board when their time came to pick. This was the guy they wanted and they aggressively pursued him. For that, Ryan Pace should be applauded.

#4. The three Bama guys, Dodd, Jack, Ogbah, Spence…etc. There is still a lot of defensive talent on the board for the Bears to like in round two. But the player I hope they look at is Cody Whitehair, guard, KSU. Would he start right away? Maybe not. But with the way Slauson played at center in 2015, he sure could.

#5. A few thoughts from Around the League:

  • Feel awful for Myles Jack. Football is a brutal game. Why do guys like him attend the draft when they know the prospect of falling is possible?
  • I actually think Laremy Tunsil admitting to taking money from coaches was weirder than the end times weed video being released like 90 seconds before the draft. If he really was hacked he was hacked by somebody who HATES him.
  • Bears screwed the Giants. There is no chance they had Eli Apple that high on the board. I’m confident saying this.
  • You know the NFL has gone QB CRAZY when three teams are jockeying for Paxton Lynch in the first round. Lynch is a nice prospect but he’s a mile from being a productive NFL quarterback.
  • Pretty sure the only college tape Rex Ryan watches is Clemson so the Shaq Lawson picked seemed obvious.
  • Tight end has become a game-changing position in the NFL. There went another first round proving the position is nowhere to be found on the college field. The divide between pro talent and college talent is widening.
  • I trust Baylor offensive players less than I trust Bama defenders. Pretty soon NFL scouts are going to realize what Briles does at Baylor is no different than what Leach did at Texas Tech for years.

#6. Congrats to the 7 out of 266 contestants in our draft contest who correctly identified Leonard Floyd as the Bears first pick. (I reached out to all seven of you last night.) Each now is tasked with guessing the Bears second round pick. And there’s a points system! 5 points for naming right player. 3 points for naming right position. 1 point for naming right side of the ball. Leaders after the second round move on to Saturday’s fourth round.

Of the 266 entries:

  • 123 chose Shaq Lawson.
  • 48 chose Ezekiel Elliot.
  • 35 people chose players not selected in the first round (Spence, Ogbah, Jack, Ragland, Robinson).
  • The rest were pretty spread out, including one contestant aggressively believing the Besrs would end up with Laremy Tunsil. Almost looked like a genius pick.

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