What the Hell is Going On?

| September 20th, 2016

How does a night like last night happen? How can a football team have this little preparation, this little vision, this absence of an identity? Rapid fire, in question form:

  • What is the offense? Do they have any intention of being able to run the ball effectively? Why would a team with issues on the edge of their offensive line force their quarterback to repeatedly drop deep into the pocket?
  • What was wrong with Cutler before the fumble? Why is every third pass being tossed directly into the ground?
  • Where’s the pass rush?
  • How many players can get hurt in one game? Eddie Goldman?!?!
  • A thirty-one yard field goal? And you do that? In your debut at Soldier Field?

Sad part is there’s not a lot to dissect. Last night was the most disheartening Bears loss in quite some time. They don’t look like a team with any hope of 8-8. They look like a team destined for the number two pick.

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