Audibles From the Long Snapper: Biggs, Jahns & Moon on Mitch & More!

| October 17th, 2017


It was a terrific play by Trubisky but the rookie QB actually made it more difficult than it needed to be. I noticed this live and Brad Biggs made the sixth of his ten things:

6. Dion Sims’ 27-yard touchdown came on a nice play by Mitch Trubisky, who was getting hit as he delivered the ball and didn’t see the touchdown. Sims was uncovered off the line of scrimmage. The Ravens had some pre-snap confusion and that allowed Sims to release from the line and head downfield with no one on him. Strong safety Tony Jefferson was late arriving and it was a really good play for the Bears. It’s nice to see Sims making some plays downfield and after some dropped passes in previous weeks, he needs to step up with plays like that. Trubisky said he took a while to get to Sims because it wasn’t his first read. I’m interested to see this again on the All-22 tape, but live I thought Sims was open immediately and if that’s the case, the quarterback needs to sense that immediately. Especially in this case as the Bears were facing third-and-7 and the goal was to move the chains and avoid having to attempt a field goal.

It’s all about experience. But it doesn’t necessarily help the rookie’s development when he’s only dropping back to pass on obvious passing downs, twenty times a game.

Jahns on That Very Topic

In the new AJ After Dark piece in the Sun-Times, three things to note.

  • Adam emphasizes this offensive approach is coming from Fox, not Loggains. Independently, I have confirmed that. Because this is not the way Loggains wants to use Trubisky.
  • Jahns argues the Bears need to let the kid do more.
  • Quotes from Bears players re: Trubisky should get every fan excited. Here’s a passage from the piece:

Coach John Fox’s game plan — not offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains’ — became more apparent with every handoff.

Fox wanted Trubisky to manage his first start on the road. Trubisky, though, did one better — he managed to win it.

When the Bears finally needed Trubisky to be special, he was. On the move, he delivered an 18-yard completion to receiver Kendall Wright over the middle on a third-and-11 play from the Ravens’ 41-yard line in overtime.

Being on the road in overtime — Trubisky called it a “hostile environment” — didn’t overwhelm him. It was a big-time throw from Trubisky after his role was purposely kept small in regulation.

“At the end of the game, we were all dead tired,” guard Kyle Long said. “Mitch is the one picking us up, making sure we get the gusto to finish.”

At Least the Bears Recognize This…

Howard & Trubisky in Overtime


Around the League Thoughts

(1) Chandler Jones and Akiem Hicks have 11 sacks through 6 weeks. The Patriots have 14 total. Bill Belichick, personnel man, is overrated.

(2) Austin Seferian-Jenkins scored a touchdown in the Jets/Pats game. The fact that we don’t know what touchdowns are any longer is another thing hurting the sport.

(3) The Saints scored 52 points. Drew Brees had 186 passing yards. When is the last time a team scored 50+ points and didn’t throw for 200 yards? (Side note: Ignore Stafford’s big production numbers in this game. He was awful until deep into garbage time.)

(4) Denver has arguably the best rush defense in the league. Giants have arguably the worst rush offense, and lost all of their receiving weapons the previous week. So of course Orleans Darkwa went 21-for-117, a 5.6 yards per carry average. This league just doesn’t make sense sometimes.

(5) Atlanta got bailed out in Week One by Chicago’s quarterback and pass catchers. They got a gift at the death of the Detroit game, when Golden Tate thought he’d beat them. The Falcons are THIS CLOSE to being a one-win team. I don’t think they’re getting to January.

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