Bears Fall to 1-4, Trubisky Debuts, Fox Flops: Rapid Fire Reaction to MNF

| October 10th, 2017

  • Let’s take Trubisky just on his execution and not on what those around him did. He displayed all the traits that excited Ryan Pace (and me) during the pre-draft period: athleticism, mobility, powerful arm, accuracy. He also tried to do too much several times and made a few mistakes. The interception was the glaring error but the throw that almost killed Markus Wheaton was just as misguided. The touchdown pass was more a physical mistake than a mental one.
  • One thing I liked about Tru’s performance: he ran to throw. He didn’t take off down the sideline when Bears receivers weren’t open. He threw the ball downfield and tried to let them make plays. When he’s got professional receivers out there, this will lead to big plays.
  • Worst performance from the offensive line this season, almost across the board. They were bullied at the point of attack and committed costly penalties.
  • Dion Simms, what the hell? He missed two blocks on pivotal runs and then ran short of the sticks/dropped the ball on a third-down play designed specifically for him. Explain to me why this guy is on the field over Zach Miller. Explain to me why getting Adam Shaheen experience in these games is not more valuable than wasting time on Simms. Money?
  • The fake punt and two-point conversion were spectacular calls. Those are the two positive things I will say about this coaching staff last night.

  • Bears defense looked dominant when Sam Bradford was playing quarterback, diving to the ground at the slightest sense of pressure. Case Keenum came into the game and completed 17-of-21 passes while Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur coached circles around Vic Fangio. Fangio is on his 18th ILB and signal caller so some of it is understandable but the Bears DC is not having a good season.
  • Thought last night was an opportunity for Dowell Loggains to really open the playbook and do some exciting things. He didn’t. Last night the passing attack was vanilla and he constantly got too cute with his running game, trying to trick a well-coached defense that was never going to fall for it. It ended up with the Bears behind the sticks way more often than they needed to be.
  • The Bears can do so much with Tarik Cohen. Why don’t they?
  • Ryan Pace isn’t going anywhere. And now he faces the most important decision of his tenure: is John Fox the right guy to bring this quarterback along? 2017 Bears are now eerily reminiscent of the 2016 Rams and I think Fox will meet the same fate as Jeff Fisher.
  • Leonard Floyd is way better when they let him rush the passer, isn’t he?
  • Akiem Hicks is the best Bears free agent signing in a long time. That guy is a dominant inside force.
  • Eddie Goldman is a sneaky great run stuffer. He’s never going to light up the stat sheet.
  • Pernell McPhee is non-existent. There’s just nothing there.
  • Pat O’Donnell’s angled punts to the sideline were THIS close to being brilliant. If he can get 5-6 more yards on them, he’ll be pinning opponents inside the 5 with consistency. O’Donnell is quietly having a very nice season for the Bears.
  • Hey refs. Don’t throw the flag until the penalty is egregious. It is impossible to watch these NFL games and get excited when you’re expecting to see yellow on the screen after every play. The Wheaton hold on the Howard touchdown? That’s not a hold. The OPI? That’s barely contact. Let these guys play the damn game and you’ll have a more enjoyable product for consumers.

Overall, a lot of positives to take from last night. But most importantly, I’m excited to watch this kid play quarterback again Sunday and the Sunday after that and the Sunday after that and…

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