Bisky Sour: Six Thoughts on Falling to 3-7

| November 20th, 2017

(1) Mitch Trubisky is starting to show signs that he’s going to be a very good quarterback in this league for a long time. Improving weekly. Learning from mistakes. Scrambling in key spots. Throwing receivers open. Leading. But I thought his comment post-game was so telling.

How many quarterbacks have to say something like “what coach Fox is allowing us to do on offense”? Get the feeling Trubisky won’t be heartbroken when Fox is let go.

(2) Connor Barth is terrible. He’s not shaky or inconsistent. He is legitimately the worst kicker in the league. And for a team with such a small margin for error to employ him is inexcusable. If he’s on the roster Tuesday, fans should boycott the team next weekend.

(3) Injuries are starting to pile-up. Leonard Floyd is done for the year. Kyle Fuller, who knows? The Bears defense hasn’t been good lately and won’t be good for the foreseeable future. 5-6 wins now seems like the ceiling for this team.

(4) There’s hope on this offensive roster. Trubisky. Howard. Cohen. Shaheen. Inman. The Bears have players for the future and it is starting to look like the 2017 draft class is going to be another home run.

(5) Offensive line shows how good they can be. Bears had their starting five out there yesterday and they delivered their best effort of the season. Why? Because they kept the Lions off-balance with their play calling.

(6) Down 4 late, needing a yard, John Fox punts. How can a man be so oblivious to the situation? How does Fox so consistently make the wrong decision in the heat of the battle? The Bears won’t likely fire Fox in-season and they’re going to have an empty building for the next month because of it.

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