Lions Beat Boring Bears, Sealing Fox’s Fate

| December 17th, 2017

Matt Marton – USA TODAY Sports (Edited)

Any hope John Fox had of remaining the Chicago Bears head coach faded Saturday afternoon in Detroit with another lackluster performance. The Fox Bears did what they’ve done every time a bit of optimism has crept into this franchise during his tenure: flopped. And flopped with gusto. Rapid fire!

  • Trubisky’s interceptions will certainly be the story because this quarterback is always going to be the story. But there was far more positive than negative from Tru Saturday. With this coaching staff and these receivers, the Bears are never going to erase a three-score deficit on the road. But if that’s what it takes for the Fox and Loggains to finally let their rookie QB throw the ball around and make the mistakes he has to make, so be it. Trubisky gets better on games like Saturday’s. He doesn’t get better when he’s throwing 14 passes on third-and-long.
  • The pick in the end zone is the throw Trubisky can’t make. Wanna bet he doesn’t do it again?
  • One thing that should excite fans re: Tru is the number of times Lions CBs thought they’d get their hands on his passes and didn’t come close. The kid throws a fastball and the Lions couldn’t catch up with it. (Sadly, neither could several Bears receivers.)
  • Sacks are sacks. They’re going to happen. But I don’t like the hits Trubisky is taking on scrambles and broken down plays. Those are the ones that end seasons prematurely and the Bears need a healthy Trubisky working with his new coach in January.
  • Something that maybe interests only me. Mark Sanchez, in civvies, headset on, staring at the play sheet, completely engaged. Mike Glennon, dressed as the backup, staring into space. Sanchez is going to end up being a coach in the league.
  • Some of the Bears penalties are inexcusable. Eddie Goldman’s personal foul on opening drive. Prince holding on third-and-long. But they’re not even remotely surprising because Fox’s Bears have been undisciplined since day one. Fox and his media minions can bitch about talent all they want but under Fox, good players do stupid things.

  • Most of the penalties in this game, on both sides of the ball, were absurd. Tarik Cohen had a return called back for nothing. Kyle Fuller brushed a face mask while playing up on a receiver. Yes, Jeff Triplette is the worst referee in the league. But most of these calls are a weekly occurrence now and they just don’t need to be made. They don’t make the game safer. They make the game harder to watch.
  • Cohen is starting to get to that “oh, just take the ball out of the end zone whenever you want” point. He looks capable of scoring on every return.
  • Think it’s funny that I spent Saturday morning debating Jordan Howard’s value in the passing game and he probably had his best game as a receiver.
  • Quick notes on zone read. (1) It is a really effective way for Bears to stop being so predictable on offense when it comes to under center = run play / shotgun = pass. (2) It is lethal around the goal line because it completely freezes the linebackers. (3) The Lions have struggled with it all season. (4) So why not, oh I don’t know, run it?
  • Eddie Jackson, knock the ball down. Just knock the ball down. It’s third down. Catching that interception doesn’t even gain the Bears much in that spot. Jackson is the player I’m expecting to make the most significant leap in 2018.
  • I think the Bears are making a terrible mistake if they let Kyle Fuller leave. No, he’s not perfect but he’s a different player in 2017 and he’s playing with emotion. He’s also developed what every great cornerback needs: a short memory.
  • Lamarr Houston has made more plays since re-signing with the Bears than Sam Acho has made in three seasons. (Side note: I just googled Houston to see how old he is, figuring he was 33-34. He’s not. He’s 30.) 
  • I actually agreed with some of what Kendall Wright said midweek regarding the number of targets given to Bears WRs. But you can’t yap about Antonio Brown on Wednesday and play like Josh Bellamy on Saturday. Trubisky tried to give Wright a big day against the Lions. He dropped it.
  • Raise your hand if you totally forgotten Markus Wheaton was on the Bears. (Jeff raises his hand.)
  • When’s the last time a long snapper and a punter both had a tackle in the same game? Happened for Bears Saturday.
  • There was a point in this game where I thought Bobby Massie was going to get Trubisky killed. Bears have a decision to make on their right tackle, due a $1 million roster bonus on the third day of the league year.
  • It’s pointless to go on and on about John Fox’s conservative approach. That’s who he is. Expecting something else is insanity on our part, not his.

Realistically speaking, the only thing of note remaining in this 2017 season is the firing of John Fox. Several of my favorite candidates – names coming soon – are currently slated for bye weeks in the first round of the playoffs. The Bears need to be ready to hit the ground running come January 1st. So why not make the move before the final home game and save Fox having to hear it from the 7,000 people attending Bears v. Browns on Christmas Eve?

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