Merry Christmas: Bears Win AFC North

| December 25th, 2017

All thoughts from inside the building. If you could see same thing on TV, well fine then. Some of this was shared on Twitter yesterday.

  • Mitch does something very weird. When the window is tight he sets his feet and throws darts. When he has time and an open man, he loses concentration a bit. Passes sail. Very fixable.
  • Biggest thing I saw: my god this team loves their quarterback. Every guy on the roster is clearly rooting for him. When he makes a good play, 20 guys wanna celebrate with him.
  • Two things on Akiem Hicks. First, I’ve never seen a larger ass. It’s got to be 3 feet wide. Second, he’s spent. There’s no way he should suit up next week against Minnesota.
  • Eddie Goldman is way faster in the building than he is on television. And hustles on every single play.
  • Kyle Fuller is playing with so much confidence right now. Kizer continually throwing at him was nonsensical. 
  • Before the start of the second half, the two things receiving the loudest in-building reaction were: (a) the announcement that halftime’s frisbee golf competition was canceled and (b) the playing of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer
  • Mitch got bailed out on his horrible screen pass/pick 6 but came back and executed the screen game to perfection after that play. Once again, he doesn’t run from his mistakes. He embraces them and improves.

  • Jon Bullard can play. I don’t know if he’ll ever be a consistent three-down performer but there’s something there. He flies around.
  • So does Nick Kwiatkoski. Bears should enter 2018 with Trevathan and Kwik as their inside linebackers and feel quite good about it.
  • The NFL can preach player safety all they want but I watched Bobby Massie, after his injury, limping thirty yards down the field to get into a huddle. He could barely walk. He had no business being on the field. He was injured. What is he doing out there?
  • Biggest football-related groan at the game? The overturned touchdown in Bills/Pats. One of the most ridiculous calls in the NFL this season. And that’s saying something. If the NFL does nothing else this off-season, it has to fix the catch rules. And fire Al Riveron as head of officiating. 
  • Bears must have the slowest collection of wide receivers in the league. The only player who tested the Browns secondary over the top was Tarik Cohen. (But honestly, Trubisky rarely had enough time to consider throwing the ball more than 12-15 yards.)
  • I’ve always used that phrase “jumps off the screen” when talking about college players who look like they’re a step better than everyone else on the field. Cohen jumps off the field. Wait until a coaching staff figures out how to use him correctly.
  • Soldier Field must have made a conscious decision to under-staff the building for the finale because there was a half-empty building and still extremely long concession lines. No register had more than one person behind it. The beer taps “didn’t work”. I don’t get it. Can’t you reward the people for showing up? It was two awful teams and Christmas Eve!

It was a dominant second half and the kind of game these players needed, especially the young ones who’ll make up the core of this team moving forward. 


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