Midseason Marks: Offense

| October 31st, 2017

The DBB team is evaluating the entire organization at this well-placed, exactly midseason bye week. The catch? Each of us is limited to ONE SENTENCE for each position group. Today we start with the offense.


Jeff: Trubisky is going to get 12 games of experience in close, competitive games – invaluable moving forward – and that’s all that mattered from the QB position in 2017.

Andrew: The present hasn’t been good, but the future looks bright.

Data: Mike Glennon is not good, Mitchell Trubisky is a rookie and the play calling has not helped either out.

DBB Grade: C-

Running Back

Jeff: Tarik Cohen’s versatility is exciting to watch but don’t sleep on Jordan Howard muscling his way to the rushing title as he’s only a hundred yards back.

Andrew: The best position group on the offense hopefully won’t be worn down by overusage.

Data: Jordan Howard must be getting sick and tired of getting hit behind the line of scrimmage.

DBB Grade: A

Wide Receiver

Jeff: This is just an awful collection of players.

Andrew: Very few players actually worthy of NFL roster spots on the team.

Data: The Bears refuse to play the only healthy NFL WR on their roster in Kendall Wright (Inman trade helps here).

DBB Grade: F

Tight End

Jeff: The most disappointing unit on the Bears this season, with Dion Sims struggling to catch AND block, Adam Shaheen invisible and Zach Miller now gone after just eight games.

Andrew: Zach Miller was the best player and there’s been very little good from the rest of the group.

Data: Dion Sims can’t catch so I’d like to see more Adam Shaheen going forward.

DBB Grade: C-

Offensive Line

Jeff: Injuries have taken their toll but this is a talented unit put in untenable positions time and time again.

Andrew: Major regression from last year at least partially due to limited offensive game plans.

Data: They’ve been put in bad situations by hugely predictable play calling, but this group has not been as good as I expected so far.

DBB Grade: C+


Jeff: As far as I’m concerned, the decision to waste a month on Mike Glennon partly falls on this group and that, coupled with the team’s archaic offensive approach, makes it hard to defend the offensive staff from any angle.

Andrew: Play calling has been too predictable, but a lack of talent may be the reason why.

Data: This offense is so predictable that my wife has stopped being impressed when I predict plays correctly before the snap.

DBB Grade: F

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