The Trubisky / Glennon Scenarios for 2017

| May 4th, 2017

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke) 

Sure, there’s plenty of football to be discussed and dissected over the next eight months. But the future of the Chicago Bears rests on the development and performance of one Mitch “Friends Call Me Mitchell” Trubisky. That’s it. That’s the story moving forward.

Here are the probable scenarios at quarterback for the coming season.

  • Trubisky beats out Glennon before the start of the season. This is the dream scenario for experiencing 2017. Trubisky is the future and the faster we can get to the future, the more exciting Sundays will be. I believe Trubisky is better than Glennon right now, right at their current abilities, and I don’t doubt for a second he’s going to make it hard for the organization to keep him off the field.
  • Glennon is bad. If Glennon struggles for the first month of the season, what are the Bears going to do? They can’t turn to Shaw or Sanchez, whichever one makes the roster. Even if their hope is for Trubisky to spend all of 2017 on the sideline, they may be forced to alter the plan and get Trubisky on the field.
  • Glennon is blah. This is the most likely and for me, as a fan, the worst-case scenario. A blah Glennon means a blah 2017 season and a weekly petitioning from this site to just play the damn kid.

  • Glennon is good. If Glennon starts the season at QB and plays well the Bears will most likely let him see out the season and win as many games as possible. Do they then try to flip him for a pick in the off-season? Do they give him another season and continue developing Trubisky? Under this scenario, the Bears will have just as interesting an off-season at QB next year as they did this year.
  • Glennon is excellent. Do I think this is going to happen? No. But if Mike Glennon has a Pro Bowl season, the Bears are not going to trade him next off-season unless they’re recovering a king’s ransom. The more likely scenario is it gives Trubisky a second year on the bench. If Glennon does it again, well, let’s just say that’s a problem the Bears won’t mind confronting.

OTAs are around the corner. Bourbonnais is in like 80 days. And I still hold out hope, even if it is remote, that Mike Glennon never takes a meaningful snap for the Chicago Bears.

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