Week 12: Bears at Eagles Game Preview

| November 22nd, 2017

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears This Week?

I always like the Chicago Bears. Even when they have almost no chance of winning.

Updating Trubisky’s Development

Mitch Trubisky’s performance Sunday was a solid one, especially the final drive of the game. But just as he addressed (a) throws across his body while on the move and (b) taking too many sacks, now he must address an issue that popped up against the Lions. That’s not trusting his pocket.

In fairness, I get it. Trubisky has been harassed in that pocket for a month. Every time he drops back he’s expecting defenders, quickly. Sunday he didn’t get them. But his footwork and mechanics did not reflect that. On throws where he had plenty of time to set his feet and deliver the football, Trubisky rushed his process and delivered an errant toss.

Sunday against the Eagles might not be the day to expect a comfortable pocket. But this is an issue to watch down the stretch.

Song of the Week

Thanksgiving Food Rankings

#3. Pumpkin Pie. You give me warm pumpkin pie with cold vanilla ice cream and you might as well undo my belt for me.

#2. Turkey Gravy. I’m not sure I like turkey. I mean, it’s fine, but if I liked it so much I would probably eat it on one of the other 364 days, right? I don’t even consider turkey on those days. But turkey gravy? I’d inject it right into my veins in a Baltimore vacant if I could. Why can’t turkey gravy be the cure for skunk spraying instead of tomato juice?

#1. Stuffing. One of the most bizarre things about eating is that stuffing isn’t served more often. How often is stuffing on the menu at a restaurant? How often is it with the specials on a pub board? Why isn’t stuffing served always? If I showed up for Thanksgiving dinner and there was only a large bowl of stuffing, turkey gravy and warm bread I would be endlessly pleased.

Three Reasons The Bears Win

  • Trap Game? Philly had a rivalry game in primetime against the Cowboys last week and face the Seahawks on the road next week. Is it possible they’ll overlook the three-win opponent in-between? And yes, this is an absurd reach but there’s not many other ways to fill this particular space this week.
  • Loggains & Trubisky. The play-calling finally fit the quarterback against the Lions and one has to believe that will continue moving forward. The Bears might not be able to keep pace with the Eagles but they should be able to move the ball and score in the 20s.
  • If you have any suggestions for a third reason the 3-7 Bears will beat the 9-1 Eagles on the road, email jeff@dabearsblog.com. 

We got a Tweet!

Three Reasons They Don’t

  • Philly has the league’s best run defense. Now here’s the catch for the Eagles. Yes, they only allow 71 yards a game on the ground. But they also have faced the fewest number of carries as a result of having the league’s best point differential at +132. Johnny Fox is going to run it. And a deficit won’t stop him.
  • Carson Wentz. The Philly quarterback is sporting a 103.4 passer rating and the Bears are just making it way too easy on opposing quarterbacks. Take Leonard Floyd out the mix and it’ll be surprising if Wentz doesn’t complete 70% of his passes Sunday and spread the love to one of the more diverse collections of offensive talent in the league.
  • The Eagles Are Really Good. The Bears are not.

My Favorite Thing About Philly…

…was my cousin’s restaurant, Bridget Foy’s, on South Street. Sadly the restaurant was ravaged by a devastating fire last month. But the community has rallied around its displaced employees and Foy’s will return soon enough, even stronger.

Tweet of the Week

Why the Bears wouldn’t have Cohen on the field AT ALL TIMES is beyond me. They have a player on their roster that opposing defensive coordinators are spending all week preparing for and they grant that coach leniency by parking him on the bench. Through ten games Cohen has been on the field for barely more than a 1/3 of the Bears offensive snaps. Think about how happy that makes a Teryl Austin or Dom Capers.

Don’t Be Surprised If…

…this is the week the Bears defense full-on implodes. They’ve been mediocre at best without Danny Trevathan to this point. But where is the pass rush coming from without Floyd on the field? What is the secondary going to look like if Fuller can’t go and Cooper is covering Alshon Jeffery? At some point Akiem Hicks is not going to finish a game. (He was on fumes in the fourth quarter Sunday.) The two big Bears losses came because of Mike Glennon’s nonsense. This one might come at the hands of the opponent.

Game Prediction

It’ll take roughly three hours.

Chicago Bears – Points

Philadelphia Eagles – More Points

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