Next Four Games – All Against the AFC East – Crucial For Trubisky

| October 11th, 2018

Mitch Trubisky enters Sunday’s game in Miami with a ton of momentum. He’s coming off the biggest game of his young career; a game that would be the biggest game of many-a-quarterback’s entire career. Now it’s time to build off of it and become consistent. That’s what we need to see in the next four games, all against the AFC East. And it is very possible that a month from now, Sunday night November 4th, the city of Chicago will know who Trubisky is going to be.

The young quarterback’s last performance was historic but the first three were anything but. The Bears need him to settle somewhere in the middle and prove he can succeed against good defenses. He’ll get that opportunity as he’ll now face four of them in consecutive weeks.

As I wrote last week, what Trubisky did to Tampa was not a fluke. The Bears found his comfort zone and he excelled. Now defenses have tape on that performance and are going to do everything they can to make him uncomfortable.

The bad quarterbacks fold under such situations.

The good ones manage them.

The great ones thrive.

Trubisky is now 16 starts into his career and has been in this system long enough for there to no longer be excuses about youth and a lack of familiarity given to explain his failures.

The next four weeks will set Trubisky up against four solid defenses, including a game against the greatest defensive mastermind in the history of the league, Bill Belichick. Nobody should expect him to be perfect — all young quarterbacks have ups and downs, many old ones too — but Trubisky needs to show more good than bad. How much more is the difference between good and great. That difference could determine if the 2018 Bears are contenders.

Because if Trubisky continues to improve like he did in the first month of the season, the Bears will have a very good chance to win the NFC North and make noise in the playoffs. If he struggles like he did against Green Bay, the 2018 season will be go nowhere.

The six touchdown performance is what he’s capable of. Now he needs to show more of it, against good defenses. In just a few short days, he’ll get that opportunity.

It’s up to him to thrive.

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