ATM: The Bears Don’t Suck

| September 25th, 2018

It’s dangerous to make any grand proclamations three weeks into a season. But the Bears win over the Cardinals was a great indicator that, at the very least, they don’t suck.

Whether they’re actually good or not is still to be decided. While it was widely regarded as a game the Bears should win, winning in the NFL is difficult, especially for a young team flying nearly across the country on a short week. Travel difficulties are very real in the NFL. We see even the best teams struggle with them. This was a schedule test, one the Bears passed.

The offense is horrendous.

There’s no arguing that.

But the defense is incredible.

Khalil Mack isn’t just great, he’s a generational talent. The other big addition, Roquan Smith, flies around and finishes with a boom. They’re fast, they’re physical and, for the first time since Lovie left town, they attack the ball.

Obviously, for the Bears to graduate from a team that merely doesn’t suck to one that is actually good, the offense needs to be better. They do deserve credit for three scoring drives in the second half. And, really, they should’ve had two in the first half, but Cody Parkey missed what should’ve been an easy field goal.

Still, good teams score touchdowns and that’s the next goal for the Bears.

The Bears played 12 quarters this year, only two of which have been really bad. Few teams could make that claim and one has to wonder if the legend of Aaron Rodgers would’ve actually grown if Mack was in shape late in the first game. For now, the woulda, coulda and shoulda don’t matter. The Bears are 2-1 — a winning record for the first time since before Trestman ruined our lives.

They’re not good yet, but they don’t suck.

Quick Hits

• Very quietly Kyle Fuller played a really solid game on Sunday. We need more quiet games from Fuller, getting beat for touchdowns by mediocre receivers isn’t acceptable.

• I thought Trubisky was better against Arizona. The fumble was a tough play, the interception was a great play by the defense. He still missed open receivers, but he threw the ball more confidently. He looked like he belonged on the field, at least. He’s still a long way away from being an acceptable starting quarterback, but improvement is all we can ask for now.

• Roquan Smith is so much fun. There’s a very good chance he goes down as Ryan Pace’s best first round pick.

• Of course, Leonard Floyd is currently a ghost. I know he has a club on his hand, but it’s like he isn’t even playing.

• I feel bad for Sam Bradford, but he needs to fire whoever thought it was a good idea to sign with that team.

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