No Ugly Victories: Bears Beat Jets, Re-Take First Place in the NFC North

| October 29th, 2018

Very strange game. The Jets didn’t have anywhere near the weapons to move the ball consistently. The Bears were just error-prone enough to keep the game competitive for three quarters. But it’s a win they absolutely needed. And unlike many recent vintages of the Chicago Bears, they got it. Rapid fire…

  • Conditions were brutal for the passing game. But the Bears made the plays they needed to make. The Cohen screen set the tone for the entire afternoon but Trubisky’s brilliant throw and Miller’s brilliant catch put this game away. It was so good, I’m going to show it to you again.

  • In conditions like this, Matt Nagy has to rely upon his ground attack and he seemed to figure that out as the game went on. But Trubisky also has to learn that the deep shots aren’t worth it when the wind is howling north of 25 MPH. When the first down is there, just get it, whether that means him tucking-and-running or accepting the check down option. That’ll come with experience.
  • Folks can complain about Trubisky all they want, but through seven games Mitch is completing 64.6% of his passes for 1,814 yards, 15 touchdowns, 6 interceptions and a rating of 97.8. He’s also got nearly 300 yards rushing. This kind of production, and this position, simply doesn’t happen in this town. And it’s about time fans start appreciating it.
  • Great, great job by the fans at Soldier Field. All of those pre-snap penalties go into the fan column.
  • Jordan Howard is not complicated. You give him 20+ carries, you get big time production. No, they numbers weren’t gaudy but he single-handedly put this game on ice in the fourth quarter. He’s not been a focal point of this offense so far. He should be.
  • Khalil Mack was the most dominant defender in football through four games. And now we’re seeing what this defense would have looked like if Ryan Pace didn’t make the franchise-altering trade on September 1st. They’re a toothless pass rush. Leonard Floyd is invisible. Opponents can double Hicks inside. Without Mack, this secondary is going to be under a lot of pressure when instead of Sam Darnold it’s Aaron Rodgers or Kirk Cousins or Matt Stafford taking the snaps for the other side.

  • Kyle Fuller and Eddie Jackson played sensationally. And then both made the kind of bonehead plays you can’t make in tight games. You hope they learn from it. You worry they won’t.
  • Cody Parkey is a serious concern. There’s no way the Bears can confidently send him out there for a field goal in a big spot. He didn’t even give his field goal attempt a chance to get through the uprights.
  • Of course a penalty ruins Kevin White’s best moment in years. Of. Course. White’s story is not over in Chicago yet.
  • Kyle Long’s injury might be the biggest takeaway from this game. It’s a position of strength for the Bears so it won’t devastate them but Long has been the firebrand, the emotional leader of that unit. One just has to wonder how much physical abuse that body can take.
  • Amazed how involved in the offense Josh Bellamy continues to be. And it seems the drops issues have gone. (Knock on something.)
  • Mack has been the defensive MVP. But Bryce Callahan might be second in that voting right now. Callahan has been great with the ball in the air, terrific on the blitz and the most solid tackler in the secondary. If I’m Pace, I’m not letting this kid get on the open market in 2019. He should be the biggest contract priority on the roster.
  • Did I mention my concern about Cody Parkey? Because I’m quite concerned about Cody Parkey.
  • And I won’t spend too much time on Pat O’Donnell. But I’m watching you, Pat. I’m watching you.
  • Roquan Smith is starting to flash in these games. Was wrong about the breakout game coming yesterday, but it’s coming.

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