Ranking The Entire Bears Roster: The Long and Longish Shots (60-90)

| July 18th, 2018

The Bears report to training camp this week with a large number of guys you probably don’t need to know.

This is my third year ranking the entire roster and the bottom of the roster is as much of a guess as it’s ever been. There are very few known names, as the team brings in a great many high-upside UDFAs to replace roster spots formerly used for vets like Rueben Randle and Taylor Boggs. What that tells me is that the Bears are more confident in who their final 53 is going to be so they’re more willing to take risks.

It’s entirely possible that one of the guys listed below becomes a player at some point, even if it isn’t this year. It’s also possible — and far more likely — they’ll be out of the league by this time next year.

Because I know you don’t want to research every player, I went ahead and did it for you. You’re welcome.

90. Colin Thompson, TE

Second-year player from Temple couldn’t break five seconds in the 40 coming out. How many tight ends who are that slow succeed?

89. Josh Woods, LB

Listed as a linebacker, Woods weighed just 211 pounds at his Maryland Pro Day and ran the 40 in 4.66. He earned a trip to camp after trying out after the draft, but this is likely as far as he’ll get.

88. Jeremi Hall, OG

Kind of an interesting signing for an offensive line that values athleticism. The Bears list Hall at 340 pounds, but he weighed in at 307 in March and really isn’t a good athlete.

87. Brandon Greene, OG

Second-year player from Alabama. Lengthy (6’5″, 295 pounds) and not very athletic. How’s that for a breakdown?

86. Rashaad Coward, OL

Was a defensive lineman and now he’s an offensive lineman. That should tell you what you need to know.

85. Elijah Norris, Edge

Transferred to Shepherd after two seasons as a ghost for UConn. Was OK at Shepherd with 11 TFLs and 6.5 sacks, but certainly not as dominant as you’d expect. Had an okay 40 time (4.69), but wasn’t great in jumps at his pro day workout.

84. Will Pericak, OG

One of the defensive linemen the Seahawks tried to convert into an offensive lineman. Seattle was already his fifth team. Bears are his seventh.

83. Cavon Walker, DL

A second UDFA from Maryland in camp. Walker has decent size (6’2″, 284), ran a sub five-second 40-yard dash and is a decent athlete overall. The kind of player who is certainly worth a look.

82. John Franklin, DB

Listed as a DB, but played all over — including quarterback —  in college. Good athlete, but these guys generally don’t turn out to be much.

81. Andrew Trumbetti, LB

Decent physical skills, but Trumbetti never produced at Notre Dame. Finished his career with 2.5 sacks and 12.5 tackles for loss, despite playing in at least ten games all four years.

80. Matt Fleming, WR

Stood out in rookie camp, which provided him this opportunity. Small and not athletic, so it’s unlikely to turn out to be much. Good story, though.

79. Jonathon Mincy, DB

Signed with the Bears from the CFL, where he went post-Auburn. Kind of small, an adequate athlete, but only two interceptions in college. Seemed to be a solid tackler, finishing with 69 stops in 2014. Possible special teams player?

78. DeMarcus Ayers, WR

He’s 5’9″ and runs a 4.7-40, but managed to get on the field a few times for Pittsburgh two years ago, catching six passes, one for a touchdown.

77. Abdullah Anderson, DL

UDFA from Bucknell, Anderson was the Defensive Player of the Year in the Patriot League. That’s nice, but he’ll have his work cut out for him if he’s going to make the Bears. The 6’3″, 303-pounder had 2.5 sacks last year, 15.5 in his career. Batted 14 passes and blocked four kicks.

76. Bunmi Rotimi, DL

Not very big (6’3″, 273) or a great athlete for his size, but Rotimi had a solid career at Old Dominion. A four-year player who totaled 25 tackles for loss and 19 sacks. Probably on the outside looking in, but he could be a solid bet for the practice squad.

75. Doran Grant, DB

Journeyman who played at Ohio St. Was a fourth-round pick by Pittsburgh in 2015, but here he is. Teams generally don’t give up on fourth rounders unless, well, you know…

74. Nick Orr, CB

A three-year starter at safety for TCU but the Bears could use him at slot corner. At 5’11”, 173 pounds he might be too light to play as a rookie, but intercepted seven passes his last two years as a Horned Frog, had 86 tackles in 2016. Certainly an interesting player.

73. Ryan Winslow, P

Maybe he’s just a camp leg. Maybe he’ll compete with Pat O’Donnell. I have no idea. He did throw a touchdown pass for Pitt last year, though.

72. Garrett Johnson, WR

Short (5’10”) but really quick and explosive. Figure he’ll get a look returning kicks in camp and could fit in the Zebra role for the third-stringers in preseason. But a long shot to make the roster.

71. Rashard Fant, DB

UDFA from Indiana is a bit small (5’9″) but is a decent athlete and had some production at Indiana. Broke up 22 passes as a sophomore, 17 more as a junior and intercepted five passes in his career.

70. Dejon Allen, OG

Maybe a bit small, but Allen is a good athlete who has a chance to stick. He’ll need to get stronger, but he really fits what the Bears are looking for. A good project for Harry Hiestand.

69. Michael Joseph, CB

Gifted athlete from a small school. Probably going to red shirt as a rookie, but certainly has interesting long-term potential.

68. Taquan Mizzell, RB

General thought is that Mizzell is the replacement should anything happen to Cohen. Had a decent career at Virginia, but didn’t make the Ravens out of camp last year and barely saw the field for the Bears.

67. Kevin Toliver II, CB

Should’ve been better at LSU. Has all the physical skills to be a good NFL player. Didn’t run before the draft, but looked to be plenty fast enough in college. As the size (6’2″) the Bears like in there outside corners.

66. Ryan Nall, RB

Big back at 6’2″, 232 pounds who topped 2,000 yards from scrimmage and totaled 25 touchdowns his last two seasons at Oregon State. Should compete with Benny Cunningham for a roster spot.

65. Nick Williams, DT

A big, athletic body who has been able to grab a handful of snaps since entering the league in 2013. Played in 10 games last year with the Chiefs and the Dolphins. (And yes, I had to Google that.)

64. Matt McCants, OT

Big guy (6’5”, 309) who hasn’t stuck despite being in the league for five years. He appeared in 13 games for the Raiders in 2013 and two games for the Bears in 2016. Probably won’t make the team.

63. Ben Braunecker, TE

He looked like Gronk at Harvard, but the third-year tight end hasn’t been able to find the field much in his NFL career.

62. Deiondré Hall, CB

After moving him to safety last year, the Bears appear to have moved Hall back to corner. Maybe he can break through in his third year, but he’s struggled to keep his hands off of receivers and when he can’t touch them, he hasn’t been able to keep up with them.

61. Tanner Gentry, WR

Last year’s camp star probably won’t make the roster — doesn’t this happen every year? He’ll be interesting to watch, but when he got on the field last year he very clearly wasn’t ready.

60. Tyler Bray, QB

What do you do with a 26-year-old QB who has one career attempt? He surely knows the offense, so there’s value in that. He wouldn’t be here if Matt Nagy didn’t like him.

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