Round 5 Selection: Bilal Nichols, DT, Delaware

| April 28th, 2018

I watch way more Delaware football than I care to admit. Watch this pick. This kid can play and will be comfortably on this roster. From Lance Zierlein:

Nichols is a defensive tackle with decent athletic ability despite playing as stiff-legged as he does. Despite his 10.5 sacks over the last two seasons, there isn’t much on tape to suggest he will be an effective NFL pass rusher, but he does have some anchor against the run. Nichols showed up plus athletic ability as a tester and has been moving up the draft board for some teams. He needs to play with better bend to improve his leverage, but he has an opportunity to become an backup in the league.
  • Effort level almost never wanes
  • Plays with good energy through the whistle and has hustle to pick up secondary sacks and additional tackles
  • Decent athlete with lateral agility to shuffle along the line and man his run fit on stretch plays
  • Feels pressure headed his way and shows ability to sink and brace against double teams
  • Can spin out of down blocks and re-engage in the play
  • Flashes hand quickness that coaches can work with
  • Needs to play with better initial quickness at point of attack

  • Tends to pop upright after the snap

  • Plays with poor knee bend and leverage

  • Need to see more jolt out of his initial punch

  • Pass rush lacks menace

  • Will stutter-step and try to set up moves that don’t land

  • Below average at finding the edge as a rusher and is unlikely to generate quality bull-rusher on the next level