Week 10: Lions at Bears Game Preview

| November 8th, 2018

Detroit has for years been a difficult team to root against. They’ve sort of been lovable losers. But then…they hired…this prick.

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears This Week?

I always like the Chicago Bears…

…and it’s time for this team to play like they are top of the NFC North table. That means burying the Lions at home. Thanksgiving, in their building, is always a difficult game. This is at Soldier Field, with Detroit coming off two miserable performances. Good teams don’t lose this game. Hell, mediocre teams don’t lose this game either.

The Game Sonnet

In football exists a team called ‘da Bears

Who play beside the greatest of great lakes

Those who do not love them are hapless squares

Mindless joy killers in sea of flakes

Their quarterback is a vigorous stag

Born in an Ohio town called Mentor

He’s more than half human and no part nag

But he plays with the zeal of a centaur

Cometh the Lions to challenge these Bears

Their ill-bearded, unkempt leader in tow

Sweet, sweet victory will never be theirs

One must wonder how it is they don’t know

Oh! To be a fan of the pride and joy

Serving with grace the folk of Illinois

Why the Bears Will Win…

  • When Dave Birkett of the Free-Press can write a paragraph like this, you know things are not going well: “Of the Vikings’ 10 sacks Sunday, I’d attribute five of them to poor play on the offensive line. Two of the remaining five sacks were coverage sacks, an eighth was due to a mix-up by a Lions wide receiver, the ninth came on a cornerback blitz when Matthew Stafford or someone on the offensive line didn’t set the protection right, and the last sack was a result of Stafford simply not pulling the trigger when he had someone who appeared to be open downfield.” (Read the whole piece, breaking down each sack, by CLICKING HERE.) Needless to say, if there was a game ripe for Khalil Mack’s return, this is it. And Mack…is back.

  • Bears are 3-1 at home with a +52 point differential. Good teams in this league protect their home field and the Bears are starting to do just that.
  • Detroit has arguably the worst rush defense in the sport. They’re allowing more than five yards per carry and 142.5 yards per game. Yes, Snacks Harrison has somewhat improved the unit but Dalvin Cook was putting up college numbers on them last week. Prediction: Jordan Howard gets 25 carries for the first time this season and piles up 127 yards and 2 touchdowns. Howard has been close to a breakout performance for weeks.

Why They Won’t

  • Detroit has had success shutting down some prolific passing attacks, including Minnesota and New England. They also get to the quarterback, equaling the Bears’ 24 sacks on the season. Matt Patricia will attempt to do what his mentor has done so many times throughout the years and did successfully a few weeks back: confuse a young quarterback.
  • Recent history. Detroit has beaten Chicago five of the last six times they’ve played. Does that mean anything Sunday? Perhaps not. But there will be several players on the opposing sideline who only know success when they take the field against the Bears. That breeds confidence. Confidence breeds success.
  • There is no third reason. Hell, even the first two are flimsy. It just seems like any team can beat any other team these days. So would a Lions victory really be a shock to the NFL system?

Video of the Week (Volume I)

Don’t Gamble, But if You Do…(3-5)

Took a bath this weekend on the NFL. My first loser of the 2018 campaign. And a significantly big loser at that. I need a rebound.

$100 three-team teaser (at 6½ points).

  • Bears PK
  • Panthers +10½ at Pittsburgh (Thursday night)
  • Chargers -3½ at Oakland

Tweet of the Week

Charity of the Week

Chicago Thanksgiving Basket Brigade. 

I have no connection to these guys but found them online and love what they’re doing. From their site:

Our mission is to provide a Thanksgiving basket to struggling families within the Chicagoland to bring a sense of hope, knowing that someone within their community cares about them. We’ve created this charity with the purpose of bringing together people who recognize the beauty of viewing the world as we do – and who share a desire to help others – knowing that the gift is in the giving.


The Basket Brigade was inspired by Tony Robbins childhood experience, growing up in a struggling family when someone knocking on his door with a Thanksgiving basket of food and forever changed his life. This simple gesture of giving turned into an unforgettable memory and led Tony to share his story with others, who would then be able to affect even greater amounts of people in communities throughout the nation.

Our vision is to grow our community of volunteers so the gift of giving can grow, and support thousands of struggling families each year at Thanksgiving with the vision that someday these family members can pay forward.

There are two ways you can get involved. (i) Sponsor a family. (ii) Volunteer. Just click on those two links and you’re in.

Video of the Week (Volume II)

Game Prediction

My lord is this a good match-up for the Bears, especially at Soldier Field, especially since Mack is back.

Chicago Bears 31

Detroit Lions 17

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