You Complain, I Can’t: Bears Dominate Bucs, Head Into Bye at 3-1

| October 1st, 2018

  • Trubisky is still sailing the intermediate throws. Yes, he played a ridiculous game Sunday but I’m trying to find something to criticize. The 8-12 yard throws are still coming in high. He’s got to clean that up and it’s all mechanics.
  • That being said, this was probably the best statistical game by a Bears quarterback in history. 19-26. 354 yards. 6 touchdowns. 0 picks. 154.7 quarterback rating. A lot of that credit belongs to Matt Nagy and his brilliant scheme but Trubisky also made some remarkably perfect throws. What a performance.
  • The most surprising part of this game was Tarik Cohen being the featured back. It’s starting to look obvious that Nagy’s offense is far more dynamic without Jordan Howard on the field. Do I agree with it? No. But results are results.
  • Bilal Nichols. What a draft pick.
  • Khalil Mack continues to be the best defensive player in the league. Has there been a more dominant four-game period for a Bears defender in twenty-five years? He influences every single snap, even in games that are lopsided. The trade that changed everything.
  • Bellamy spoke in…classssssss today.
  • The two quarterback offense should be something the Bears run weekly. It’s insanely fun.
  • Taylor Gabriel is the best player on this offense.
  • It might be time for Aaron Lynch to get more snaps in these games. Every time he’s out there he makes plays and Leonard Floyd just doesn’t have the same burst he’s had in his young career.
  • Akiem Hicks has to know better. This is an emotional game but leave the refs alone. The Bears can’t afford a suspension for Hicks. And one may be coming.

  • Eddie Jackson is better than Adrian Amos. And it ain’t close. (And this is only a point worth making because I’ve been told Amos’ reps are citing his PFF grade in contract negotiations.)
  • Pat O’Donnell and Cody Parkey both had flawless afternoons. This may seem unimportant. That’s because it is.
  • I don’t remember a better throw by a Bears QB than Trubisky’s TD pass to Robinson. It was special. There were probably many but it’s not the right time time to qualify emotions.
  • It’s impossible to go into detail on how good the offensive line was. That’ll come later in the week.
  • My favorite moment of the game: Kevin White’s block.

Oh, come on. Just watch the highlights.

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