Audibles From the Long Snapper: Massie Extends, McCaskey Speaks, Jahns Writes & Bear Movies!

| January 28th, 2019

Bobby Massie Inks Extension

Many folks around the Bears blogosphere (and beyond) like to DM me when players are negotiating (or thought-to-be negotiating) contracts. There are two reasons for this: (1) They know I have friends inside the building and (2) I’m rarely, if ever, going to publish the information myself before it becomes public. That is why I’m still able to acquire the information I do. But I’m usually happy to confirm stuff.

Here’s what I know about the Massie deal:

  • During the season, several people inside the the Bears commented to me that Massie was playing at an outstanding level. Offensive linemen are very difficult for the average fan (and folks like PFF) to evaluate because it’s all about assignment football. When the Bears sat down and did their post-season roster evaluation they determined Massie was going to be impossible to bring back should he hit the open market, especially with tackle-needy teams like Buffalo and the New York Jets having buckets of money to spend.
  • The money isn’t a big deal but it values Massie as one of the best right tackles in the sport. I have news for you. He was every bit that in 2018.
  • The organization’s attention has now moved to their other in-house free agents: Adrian Amos and Bryce Callahan.
    • Amos’ agents are pains in the ass and they passed on an extension last off-season, citing the PFF grades as reason the Bears were low-balling their client. Bears don’t view Amos as a top safety. And they won’t pay him like one.
    • Two things on Callahan: (1) He’s switched to Roquan Smith’s agents. (2) He’s got a chronic hip issue that he’s learned to manage over the last few years but that many inside the organization believe leads to his frequent injuries. The Bears want him back. The locker room loves him. But his health history and position make the deal tricky.

A Tweet to Make You Smile

Aaoooooo, Bears of London!

The NFL announced last week the Chicago Bears will face the Oakland Raiders in London next season. I have nothing to add to this other than to say DBB will be there, drinking pints of bitter ale at The George Inn (Southwark), eating the best Indian curry in the west on Brick Lane and probably seeing something thrilling at either the National or Donmar Warehouse. If you’ve never been to London, it is quite simply one of the greatest cities in the world. Make it your family vacation this year. You won’t regret it. (And if enough folks associated with DBB make the trek, I’ll throw a party.)

Bears Sign Kicker Redford Jones

My guess on this signing: it’s just for show. I believe the Bears are still going to be players on the free agent market, namely pursuing Robbie Gould if he’s not franchised in San Francisco. And they will certainly be bringing in bodies post-draft. One thing is certain: Cody Parkey is never putting on a Bears jersey again.

George McCaskey on Kareem Hunt

Via a terrific interview with Pat Finley in the Sun-Times:

Still, McCaskey wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of the Bears signing Hunt, though he said the team was nowhere near making any such decision. He said coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace haven’t discussed the running back with him, though both publicly declined to rule out signing Hunt earlier this month. Nagy said he called Hunt to check in on the player he coached with the Chiefs last year, which McCaskey said was proof that Nagy cared about players beyond the field.

Four years after McDonald, McCaskey said he would weigh in on Hunt if it were warranted.

“If we got to that point, I would see what information is given to me, and review that, and make whatever inquiries I thought were appropriate,” he said. “It wouldn’t necessarily be talking to the individual, or his parents. That’s just the way I approached that situation.”

Any decision, McCaskey said, seems far in the future.

“We’re not there yet,” he said. “The player’s not even eligible. The important thing is that he address issues in his personal life at this point.”

Jahns on 2017 Draft Class

From his Pro Bowl piece, written in the cushy confines of wherever he is in Orlando:

It was another fun moment in Florida for Trubisky, Cohen and Jackson, the Bears’ three Pro Bowl players from their once-ridiculed 2017 draft class.

“It’s funny because we felt so good about that draft,” director of player personnel Josh Lucas told the Sun-Times in a recent interview. “We got our quarterback, and we only had four more picks, but we had a lot of love for all four of those guys.”

It’s funny to look back at the criticism, too. The worst came in an article from CBS insider Jason LaCanfora on April 30.

“We don’t know what the hell they were doing,” said an anonymous executive who was described as being “routinely” in the postseason with his team. “… I don’t know anyone who likes their draft.”

It got worse, too.

“Either the Bears know something no one else in the league knows, or that draft just got a lot of people fired, only they don’t know it yet,” another anonymous executive said in the article.

That’s fine. As if the Bears cared.

The Bears loved what they did, starting with their trade for Trubisky. The Browns, Jets and Bills didn’t get him. That’s all that mattered.

“When you’re that far into it and you’re this close to getting the guy you want, there was zero chance we were taking any kind of chance,” said Lucas, who played an integral role in scouting Trubisky.

“Knowing that you might be giving up some picks like we did to move up a spot to take Mitch, it makes each and every other pick that more important, as far as you have to hit on a guy.”

And the Bears nearly hit on all of them.

Ryan Pace is good at drafting.

Top Five Movies with Bears in Them

I asked Noah for advice on what to write last Friday. He suggested this. It’s ridiculous. So I’m doing it and throwing it at the end of Audibles.

(5) The Great Outdoors (1988). One great scene is all that’s required for this underrated John Candy/Dan Aykroyd picture to make the list. I’m not even sure the scene is still funny but it was when I was 6. So I’m putting it on the list.

(4) The Muppet Movie (1979). It’s Fozzie’s best performance in a Muppet film.

(3) Grizzly Man (2005). If you haven’t seen Werner Herzog’s brilliant documentary, just see it. You’ll understand why the many bears – especially one – are ranked this high.

(2) Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004). From the film’s climactic sequence:

Baxter: Leave these people alone. They mean you no harm.
Bear: We Bears are a proud race. They must pay for their intrusion.
Baxter: On my journey I met one of your kind. His name was Katow-jo. We became friends.
Bear: Katow-jo is my cousin. Go in peace.
Baxter: I will tell tales of your compassion.
Bear: Fare thee well, Baxter. You shall always be friend of the bears.

(1) The Edge (1997). The bear is literally the third lead behind Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins.

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