Bears at Broncos Game Preview Volume II: The Football Stuff

| September 13th, 2019

One of the best dogs in the country. Biker Jim’s. Denver.

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears This Week?

I always like the Chicago Bears.

And I have never had this strong a belief in the Chicago Bears defense.

Trite, Boring Thoughts on the Broncos

  • Attacking the Broncos defense is ALL about neutralizing their edge rushers – Von Miller and Bradley Chubb – because the rest of Vic Fangio’s group is mediocre. How did the Raiders do this? First, they gave Derek Carr a ton of quick, easy throws. (Commentator Steve Levy even compared Carr’s MNF performance to Phil Simms’ historic Super Bowl in terms of completion percentage.) Second, they committed to the run game even though it wasn’t particularly successful. This kept play-action believable and kept Miller and Chubb a half-step slower.
  • Joe Flacco didn’t play poorly in the opener but he’s in this tiny collection of aging, modern quarterbacks who need everything working around them to be successful. Players like he and Eli Manning don’t have the legs to extend plays so they need a rush game and they need brilliant protection. If Bears keep Freeman and Lindsay quiet in the run game, it’s hard to see the pass rush not harassing Flacco endlessly. If that happens, the mistakes will flow.
  • Courtland Sutton is going to be a star in this league and the Bears better be aware of his location at all times Sunday. He bought a timeshare in the middle of the field against the Raiders. It’ll be interesting to see if he plays with that level of boldness against a far more intimidating, physical defense.

Tweet of the Week

Gambling Advice

Survivor Pool

Took Seattle and survived (barely) the first week. Week 2 I’m stepping on the throats of the Miami Dolphins, taking the New England Patriots, and getting my ass to Week 3.


Straight Bet

Chargers -2.5 over Lions. I watched both of these teams play in Week 1. Chargers are good. Lions are not. If you’re letting me lay less than a field goal, I’m jumping on it.



Weird one. But I like three road favorites this week.

Bears -2.5 at the Broncos / Eagles -1.5 at the Falcons / Cowboys -5.5 at the Redskins. 

Odd come in at +586. I’m laying $50 to win $342.92.

Match-Up of the Week

Vic Fangio vs. His Former Defense

It’s not only the most fascinating match-up in this game, it’s the most fascinating match-up in the league this week.

A lot has been made about how Fangio will attack the Bears offense but isn’t that simple? Shut down the run and force Trubisky to play off-schedule. But how are Fangio and offensive coordinator Rick Scangarello going to attack the prolifically-talented defense that Fangio coached and helped build? Where does Vic think the holes are?

Might Denver employ Adam Gase’s 2018 approach and just throws bubble screens, forcing the Bears secondary to tackle? Might they just over-commit to the run and keep things close, assuming Trubisky & Co. won’t have massive success moving the ball? What players are they going to avoid completely? Fuller? Roquan? How will they approach Khalil Mack?

It’s impossible to know. But I can’t wait to find out.

Game Prediction

I would love to predict an offensive explosion for the Bears but it’s hard to believe they’ll take that significant a leap in one week. Chicago Bears 17, Denver Broncos 9.

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