Bears at Eagles Game Preview, Volume II: Poem & Prediction

| November 1st, 2019


An original poem by J. Hughes


Are not.

Your worst player.

You won’t be defined,

By a single, failing individual,

But instead by the collective vitality

Of all proudly wearing orange and blue.

These are the moments where great ones ascend.

The ballyhooed defense does not break, does not bend.

And a season of prodigious promise does not prematurely end.

Note on the Poem

I have tried to vary my approach to these poems stylistically. This week I invented a new style. A ten line poem, with line one featuring one word and line ten featuring ten words. And closing with a rhyming triplet felt right. I’m calling it a “One-Ten”. And you’ll see another before this season concludes.

Game Prediction

I see two possible outcomes.

The Resurrection Game. Bears and the quarterback respond to the criticism and win a tough one on the road, putting a bit of life back into the season. Chicago Bears 24, Philadelphia Eagles 20.

The Rock Bottom Game. Defense keeps it close but Trubisky doesn’t have it, again, and this time the media isn’t able to avoid discussing the team’s signature flaw by wasting column space on Eddy Pineiro’s hash preferences. Philadelphia Eagles 26, Chicago Bears 9.

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