Bears Beat Giants, Move To 5-6

| November 25th, 2019

Travel day for me. (Buffalo rocks.) So here are some quick thoughts on a tedious, boring win over the Giants.

  • Trubisky has started using his legs and he looks like a different player when he does. Why this element of his game was absent for so long no one knows. But if Mitch is planning to save his career over the next two months, his legs are going to be a big part of it.
  • Ben Braunecker’s drop was terrible. But the Bears got the first down on the following play. This game would have been a blowout – 20+ points – if Trubisky’s decision making were better.
  • Even the touchdown pass to Robinson was not a good throw. It was behind the receiver. Mitch has the physical tools to play QB in the league. But right now he lacks the guts to play the position well.
  • Khalil Mack tormented Nate Solder.
  • You thought the Bears had a bad kicker?
  • Nick Kwiatkoski couldn’t play in coverage last season. That ain’t the case anymore. Kwik is now a well-rounded player that’s going to get money to be a starter this off-season. That money should come from Ryan Pace. Keep your own.

  • The big difference between the 2018 and 2019 defense? Big plays. Last year, they score on the Mack sack/fumble. Last year McManis picks off that floppy duck from Daniel Jones. Last year the 4th and 18 borderline Hail Mary heave would have had no shot. This defense is top five in the league but they’re doing that without big moments.
  • Need to watch tape but I thought the interior of the defensive line played well against a prolifically-talented running back. Especially Bilal Nichols.
  • Taylor Gabriel will not be on the Bears next season. He’s been frustrated with the QB for months and that frustration has manifested itself on the field.
  • Like using Eddie Jackson off the edge. Pagano should do more of that down there stretch.
  • There’s no way the Bears can run the ball facing these fronts. It’s basic math. There are more defenders than blockers on almost every early down. Also, doesn’t it seem like it takes these runs an hour to develop in the backfield?
  • Good game for Anthony Miller to build upon. Bears need to run WR sets of Robinson, Miller and Wims the next few weeks. And try to get Ridley up to speed and off the inactive list.

Bad game. But it’s a win. Now they have a short week. And a chance to get to .500.

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