Bears Even Up at 1-1: Rapid Fire Recap

| September 16th, 2019

One of the most bizarre and emotionally confusing finishes to a football game in recent memory. The defense was gassed. The offense was useless. Yet here the Chicago Bears stand, 1-1, with their season right in front of them. Rapid fire…

  • Rookie referee Adrian Hill needs to be flown to New York City today. He needs a car waiting for him at LaGuardia. He needs to be driven to Park Avenue. And then Alberto Riveron – the head of NFL officiating – needs to explain to him that hitting the quarterback is not illegal. He needs to also explain that nobody watches a football game to see the referee. Every single potential holding penalty does not warrant the throwing of a flag. Hill and his crew had far too much influence on the outcome of Sunday’s game. That can’t happen.
  • Nobody was more critical of the kicking situation than myself so I’ll gladly offer the mea culpa. Eddy Pineiro had a brilliant day and for now the Bears have a reliable kicker.
  • Mitch Trubisky has a lot of flaws and they’ll be regurgitated endlessly over the next week. But something happens to this kid when the game is on the line. He lights up. He’s at his best. Matt Nagy has to learn to let this kid close things out with a lead.
  • Don’t underestimate this victory. It is the first time Denver has lost their home opener in 8 years. It is very tough to win there early in the season.

  • David Montgomery is a tough runner.
  • Danny Trevathan looked old and slow. Do we blame the altitude? The whole defense looked old and slow by the fourth quarter.
  • Good stepping stone game from Adam Shaheen, who looked like something of a security blanket for Trubisky. With Trey Burton clearly still hurt the Bears need production from Shaheen.
  • Through two games, the best player on this team has been Leonard Floyd.
  • Nice effort, Pat O’Donnell. And it was necessary.
  • How do you have a delay of game on a two-point conversion? How do you jump offside on an extra point? How did the end of this game actually happen?
  • How does Matt Nagy not have something in his pocket for down around the goal line? How does he not have a play in his pocket to get eight yards with the game on the line? Nagy is a good football coach but he’s still finding his sea legs as a play caller.

The Bears are 1-1. That’s all that matters. Now they have to start stacking wins.

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