Commentary on & Criticism of the Year-End Pace/Nagy Press Conference

| January 14th, 2019

Thoughts Before the Press Conference

  • Nobody should expect to hear Pace or Nagy address Cody Parkey’s future or the Today Show appearance. But both questions must be asked. What absolutely cannot be said today is “Parkey is our kicker next season.” This organization can no longer show blind, ignorant loyalty to an inadequate player.
  • It’ll be interesting to hear how each man discusses Chuck Pagano’s addition. I suspect neither was thrilled with the game Vic Fangio called against the Eagles so it won’t be surprising for them to signal what Pagano will change on that side of the ball.
  • The Kareem Hunt conversation is going to get started soon enough. Wonder if it is today. Reclamation projects are very possible in this league (See: Hill, Tyreek) and it is unlikely Hunt won’t be in the NFL next season. Unlike Ray Rice – whose career was already essentially over at the time of his incident – Hunt will only be 25 years old when the 2019 season kicks off.

Thoughts During & After

  • The tone was established with Pace’s opening remarks. “Proud of what we accomplished but not satisfied” and “stay on the right track” were clearly what the GM wanted to communicate.
  • Pagano. Pace made it clear the hiring was made by Nagy, not him. Nagy used the two words I expected to here: attacking and aggressive.
  • Parkey was brought up almost immediately. Two things: (1) Pace sounded like Parkey was going somewhere else. (2) Nagy said Parkey didn’t mention Today Show appearance in their exit interview, and seemed displeased with the whole ordeal. He made it clear it was a “me” gesture not a “we” one. Parkey is gone.

  • Anthony Miller will have shoulder surgery.
  • What does Pace take from the four remaining teams in the postseason? Offensive balance and continuity.
  • Nagy suggested Pagano will use similar terminology to Fangio in order to keep things on the right track. This won’t be a new defense. This will be an attempt to build on what already exists.
  • Nagy believes Trubisky now has conquered the offense. His next step is understanding what the defense presents. Once he puts those two elements together, he’s a complete quarterback. Nagy seems excited about Trubisky is in the process.
  • Pace on Bryce Callahan: “We like Bryce, but that’s gotta play out.”
  • Kareem Hunt was brought up. Pace did not rule it out, at all. Nagy suggested he has a good relationship with Hunt and they spoke “about a week ago”. This is definitely going to be topic going forward.
  • There has been some talk of Chris Tabor being on rocky ground as special teams coach. He’s not. Nagy made that clear.
  • Bears will pick up 5th year option on Leonard Floyd.
  • General comment. Pace and Nagy seem energized and ready to take the next step as an organization. There’s a very obvious youth to the two of them. It’s not just age. It’s their demeanor.

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