Pithy Comments on the Divisional Round From a Parkey-Scarred DBB

| January 14th, 2019

  • Prediction: Patrick Mahomes is going to be the first NFL quarterback to need Tommy John surgery.
  • The Chiefs catch everything and I’m glad some national folks are finally noticing. When you watch the Chiefs weekly you notice that all Mahomes has to do is get the ball in the general vicinity of his pass catchers. Every single one of them has great hands. Mahomes isn’t particularly accurate yet and he doesn’t have to be.
  • Chiefs clearly saw something on tape and got their hands up on the defensive line. Andrew Luck couldn’t get a ball beyond the line of scrimmage for the first quarter and a half.
  • Colts offensive line was abysmal, including All Pro guard Quenton Nelson. If you block the Chiefs, you can rip them apart in the secondary but the Colts never got them blocked.
  • 273 rushing yards for the Rams? In a playoff game? Against a good Cowboys defense? How is that even possible? The Rams are not a particularly difficult team to defend. Take out their run game and make the quarterback throw it 35 times. How are Rod Marinelli and Kris Richard managing to get to sleep?
  • Sean McVay needed that win. The “what has he won” crowd was starting to grow in numbers and volume. In fairness, it’s not McVay’s fault that Kliff Kingsbury and Matt LaFleur – two supremely unqualified individuals, but McVay friends – are now head coaches in the NFL. McVay put in nine years as an NFL assistant.

  • I can’t for the life of me figure out why the Chargers flew back to Los Angeles after beating the Ravens in Baltimore last week. Why not stay on the east coast and practice in the cold?
  • Did Alshon Jeffery book his appearance on CBS This Morning yet?
  • Were the Patriots just rope-a-doping the regular season?
  • The top four scoring offenses are the final four. If you want to win in the NFL, you have to put up points. Defenses don’t win championships anymore.

The Bears will hold their year-end press conference at 12:30 pm CT. I’ll be back this afternoon with thoughts on everything from Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy.