Three Mitch Trubisky Points Through Two Games

| September 17th, 2019

The Chicago Bears defense is already top five in the relevant categories and well on their way to being one of the league’s preeminent units in 2019.

The Chicago Bears offense isn’t.

And the quarterback is a big reason why.

Here are three points on the young quarterback’s struggles in the early going of this campaign.

He’s Not Using His Legs

Nobody wants to see Trubisky running the ball ten times a game and sustaining that punishment.

But he certainly has had plenty of opportunities to extend plays AND drives with his legs. Expanding his pocket buys time and allows the speed on the outside to find spaces in the defense. And on third and four, sometimes it’s fine to call your own number and move the chains.

Also, Trubisky always seemed to use his legs to get into the flow of a game. It pumped him up. It pumped his teammates up. It was street ball. I recommend he go back to that style and start having fun out there. It’s a game.

A Scout’s Take

Had a text conversation with a scout friend.

Me: What did you see with Trubisky?

Him: The game is not slowing down for him the way it should be. Bears better hope it does.

Me: Is it correctable quickly?

Him: If Nagy can’t correct it, no one can.

Let’s Give it 5 Games

Two games is too small a sample size.

After five games, the Bears will have played two tough defenses (GB, Minny), two not-tough defenses (Washington, Oakland) and faced the altitude in Denver. If the Bears get on the flight from Heathrow and Trubisky is still a weekly liability, the Bears will have some tough decisions to make in the near future.

This organization can not risk this defensive window on a quarterback who is not the guy. This is the year he must prove he is the guy. Everyone should have a good idea at the bye.