Bears Beat Giants, Move to 2-0: Rapid Fire Reactions

| September 21st, 2020

The Bears have now opened the season as they needed, beating the Lions and the Giants. Were either wins pretty? No. But nobody remembers how championship teams look in September. Here come the rapid fire thoughts…

  • Mitch looked a different player in the first half but there are still the same mistakes being made over and over and over again and the second half played those out. Too many times Mitch passes on the easy completion. Too many times Mitch holds the ball too long. Too many times Mitch doesn’t run when the yards are there to be gained. This game was only competitive because Mitch made enough mistakes to keep it that way. That’s unsustainable.
  • Mitch looks exceedingly comfortable throwing between the hash marks and thus he will always err on the side of throwing it there. That’s why he forces passes to Robinson in coverage. He’s got to get more comfortable on the outside.
  • Anthony Miller should just forget this game happened.
  • Allen Robinson too. Neither of the interceptions targeted his way were great throws but neither should have been intercepted either.
  • Bears looked committed to proving Tarik Cohen’s value early. Then, it disappeared.
  • Cairo Santos is fine but the Bears don’t have a kicker who can make a fifty-yarder. And Ryan Pace should be ashamed by that.
  • Danny Trevathan is now the most serious concern on the roster. He doesn’t look slow. He looks done. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if his retirement is sooner than expected. (Not this season or anything but not much after this season concludes.)

  • The Bears miss Eddie Goldman badly. And I’m not sure how you replace one of the best players at their position in the sport. But it’s time to figure that out.
  • Matt Nagy’s commitment to the run is the reason David Montgomery found success on the ground late. That’s who the Bears are.
  • Bears need way more consistency from their pass rush. Mack, Quinn and Hicks had their moments today but there are too many clean pockets for opposing QBs through two weeks.
  • Daniel Jones is going to be a good QB for a long time.
  • Bears should have schemed Graham into this game way more.
  • Germain Ifedi is one hell of a guard.

The Bears are 2-0. They can’t be better than that. From here, who knows?

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