Foles Takes Over: Rapid Fire Response to the Bears Winning Their 3rd Straight

| September 28th, 2020

Read this Tweet. Now, read it again. This quote from Nick Foles illustrates why many, including myself, argued he should have been the starter from day one. He is a smart, competent quarterback. The sham quarterback “competition” could have cost the Bears wins. Thankfully, it didn’t. Foles is now the quarterback. And the Bears are undefeated.

Rapid fire.

  • Tarik Cohen’s loss can’t be understated. But one would think Cordarrelle Patterson will see a significant increase of offensive snaps and Anthony Miller will assume the punt return duties full-time. Question. Why not use Ted Ginn as the punt returner? He was electric in that role at Ohio State.
  • Two of the more telling moments of this broadcast were sideline cuts.
    • After Mitch was benched, Kyle Fuller made it a point to go over to him and give him a fist bump. Mitch wanted nothing to do with it but the moment mattered. Mitch will still be needed by this time at some point this season.
    • As Nagy and Foles were scheming later in the game, Mitch was seated on the bench, alone. Yes it sucks getting benched but Mitch needed to be right up beside them, listening to everything, devouring the concepts, learning. It’s great that he did the Zoom conference call with reporters after the game but the Zoom conference call isn’t making him a better quarterback.
  • Don’t have the snap counts yet but Danny Trevathan played more than I expected. And not particularly well.
  • Did Mitch Trubisky throw a single deep sideline route in bounds?
  • Trubisky’s interception was awful but from all reports the Bears were considering making a QB change at halftime. That tells me Nagy was infuriated by the Miller deep miss late in the second quarter. Nagy had been setting it up the entire first half and Miller had three yards on the secondary. That’s an easy touchdown for most, if not all, starting quarterbacks in the league.

  • And I’ll repeat what I Tweeted. The Bears did not want to make this switch in-game.
  • Has anyone explained how the Allen Robinson 50/50 touchdown call was overturned? Has anyone seen irrefutable video evidence of an interception? I sure haven’t.
  • Expect the Falcons run-blitz approach to be mirrored by all Bears opponents moving forward.
  • What would Foles’ numbers have looked like if Robinson catches the 50/50, Miller catches the TD and Mooney catches the deep sideline route? He pitched a monster game.
  • Jimmy Graham. Three games. Three touchdowns. Bears getting what they paid for.
  • Biggest play of the game. Mid fourth quarter. 4th and 6. Foles throws a dime to a wide open Ted Ginn. They miss that play, Bears lose.
  • Bears safeties have to be better. Until the final interception, Eddie Jackson and Teshaun Gibson were having tough afternoons, in run support and coverage.
  • Doesn’t Matt Ryan always seem to make a throw like the interception he tossed late? Ryan’s a terrific player but…not always late.
  • Does Khalil Mack get held on every play? How are the Bears not sending a note to the league on this every single Monday?

But this week now becomes entirely about the quarterback change. It should have happened this summer. It didn’t, for a variety of reasons. #BDN.

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