NFL Season Preview: Parlaying Every Division Winner, Volume II

| September 8th, 2020

We now take on the second half of the league.

  • The AFC North – like seemingly every year – is Baltimore v. Pittsburgh. The Ohio teams seem even more useless this season.
  • Here’s my breakdown of the AFC East. I think Buffalo should be a more significant favorite. I think the Jets are actually a bit undervalued. I think I have no idea what New England is going to be since half their roster opted out and they don’t know who their quarterback is going to be Week 2. I think Miami is exceedingly well-coached but how much FitzMagic can they muster again? I’m going to bet on the Bills.
  • AFC North parlays: 7 Ravens, 3 Steelers.
  • AFC North parlays: 6 Bills, 2 Patriots, 1 Dolphins, 1 Jets.

  • I will put Philly in a parlay or two but they are starting to ALREADY look like the team that may have to write off the season to injury. They’ve been decimated on the offensive line this summer.
  • The NFC North is a four-team coin flip.
    • Green Bay is the most well-rounded team in the division, primarily because of their quarterback. But that position room seems a bit volatile. A loss or two could break the relationship between Rodgers and the organization.
    • Minnesota will play terrific defense but they’re going to struggle blocking the Packers and Bears off the edge and their quarterback tends to be a mess under pressure.
    • Detroit has the best odds for a fourth-favorite in the league and that’s most likely a response to how well Stafford was playing before injury last season. But their defense is so much weaker than the other three teams, it’s hard to see them winning the division.
    • The Bears, for me, come down to what they get from the quarterback position. And with that being such a dramatic unknown, it’s hard to make them any better than third favorite in the division. But at +380, even Vegas is telling us they wouldn’t be surprised to see them win it.
    • NFC East parlays: 7 Cowboys, 3 Eagles.
    • NFC North parlays: 3 Packers, 3 Vikings, 3 Bears, 1 Lions.

Tomorrow, my Super Bowl prediction. 

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