Saturday QB to Watch: Zach Wilson, BYU

| December 5th, 2020

BYU (9-0) at Coastal Carolina (9-0)


A big, strong kid with a big arm and sparkling college resume. When you watch Wilson on tape, though, it’s the improvisational skills that stand out. When plays break down, he doesn’t panic. He goes “schoolyard” and makes things happen. There’s a bit of Favre to this kid. There’s a bit of Kyler to him too. He’s got the skills but he also has the swagger and style. He won’t only be comfortable leading a football team. He’ll be comfortable as the face of a franchise.

The question is whether the Bears will even have the opportunity to get him.

Watch This Throw.

Watch This Too.


  • Mel Kiper has elevated Zach Wilson substantially this season. He explains why here.
  • The folks at Walter Football have not elevated Wilson to star level yet, mainly because he has not faced elite talent. (That’s why adding this game today has so many excited.) If BYU wins today, they could find themselves in the College Football Playoff. That experience could dramatically change the perception of Wilson.
  • The first Tweet above was from Nick Farabaugh at ProFootballNetwork – an individual and site I’d never heard of previously. But his profile of Wilson at that site is the most thorough I’ve read. Definitely bookmarking this site for the offseason.

This Made Me Happy.

Final Thought.

There will be a loud, consistent drum beat for this kid on DBB starting the second the 2020 season ends.

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