Three Questions with a Bears Fan, Episode II: JQ of the Q Brothers Collective

| March 9th, 2020

Episode II in our series is a brief chat with JQ of the Q Brothers Collective. The Q Brothers are geniuses and their hip hop adaptations of classic works have been killing it with audiences for decades. Othello: The Remix. Q Gents. Q Brothers Christmas Carol. The Bomb-itty of Errors. All brilliant. Ever since he cold-emailed me years ago, he’s become one of my favorite people on the planet and a solid drinking partner. (Hell, he’s been to Josie Woods!) One day we’ll work together on something that goes up on a stage. One day.

DBB: The Q Brothers are a theatrical institution but you’re constantly on-stage when the Bears play. Does the score ever creep in your mind when performing? 

JQ: I usually keep my phone on mute and streaming live backstage. If I have an opportunity to freestyle and update the audience on the score, they really appreciate it. That said, if the Bears are getting crushed I usually just turn it off because I don’t want it to negatively affect the performance.

DBB: Your family’s pharmacy – Merz Apothecary – is one of the coolest fucking stores in the world. Is there a homeopathic remedy (non-booze) to handle a Chicago Bears loss?

JQ: According to the famous European herbalist and author Maria Treben – who wrote “Health Through God’s Pharmacy” (translated into 20+ languages) – we work off disappointment through the kidneys and one of the best for kidney health is goldenrod. So you could make some tea out of that I suppose. I also recommend reminding yourself that it’s football and we’re lucky to have the luxury of caring about stuff like that.

DBB: Your shows re-imagine classic works of literature through a hip hop lens. If you could re-imagine one element of the Bears franchise – anything – what would it be?

JQ: Since we’re known for taking classics and remixing them, I’d love to do a remix of the Super Bowl Shuffle. I’d love the franchise to be in a position to be making a remix of it. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t answer your question.

DBB: Follow up! If the Bears make a return to the Super Bowl, will you commit to making a remixed Super Bowl Shuffle EXCLUSIVELY for DBB?

JQ: Sure, but only if I’m allowed to keep in a wailing sax solo.

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