Christmas Eve Game Preview: Bears Look to Keep Momentum in Jacksonville

| December 24th, 2020

The Clubhouse Bar at TPC Sawgrass.

If you love the game of golf, and you love a few drinks, there is no greater combination of both in the world. And if this were normal times, I would have been there this weekend. Nevertheless…

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears This Week?

I always like the Chicago Bears…

…and I think this surge is real. Halas Hall was in a fevered rage after the Lions collapse. The building is ecstatic about what they’ve seen in recent weeks. And they should be.

A Look at the Jaguars

  • Jacksonville is one of five teams that score less than 20 points per game and one of four teams that allow more than 30 points per game. (The Jets don’t even achieve this.)
    • After losing to the Browns and Vikings by a combined 5 points, the Jags have been outscored by 57 points over their last two games. With Trevor Lawrence only two weeks from being their next QB, it is hard to see them suddenly mustering a late-season effort and falling out of the top spot in the draft.
  • Jags can’t defend the run. They especially can’t defend the run off the edge. This should be another David Montgomery workhorse game, but don’t be surprised if Cordarrelle Patterson, barring health, gets 10+ touches to stretch out these overmatched linebackers.
    • The running game is not all that works on the outside vs. Jax. Against Baltimore, they left throws WIDE OPEN in the flat all afternoon. (I’m not sure I’ve seen something quite like it.) Trubisky doesn’t need to overthink things Sunday. If Montgomery or Mooney or Kmet are standing alone out there, feed them the ball and let them move the chains.
  • This team also gets zero pressure on the quarterback. Not to belabor the point, but they are one of the two worst teams in the league for a reason. They don’t do anything particularly well.
  • Their offense:
    • It all feeds off first-down success with James Robinson. If Robinson is getting them into manageable second and third downs, they can move the football with the play-action. Without the play-action, their receivers have a hard time getting much separation underneath and their over-the-top passing game is essentially nonexistent.
    • They do test opposing linebackers because Gardner Minshew is very good at recognizing pressure and getting the ball out quickly. He’ll hit Robinson or Dare Ogunbowale on check downs 5-6 times a game and it’ll be up to Trevathan and Roquan to limit the YAC on those attempts.

On the Notion of a “Letdown Game”

If the Bears lose Sunday, it has nothing to do with a letdown. If the Bears lose Sunday, it is because they are not good enough.

They should win. They should win handily. They should be playing a meaningless fourth quarter.

Tweet of the Week

PFF’s grades are nonsense. Their statistics are not.

One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas

Haiku for History

History is made.

For the fourth game in a row,

Bears will score thirty.

Game Prediction

This might look foolish in a few days but I’m there.

Bears rush for 200 yards.

Bears pick off Minshew twice, including a pick six.

Bears in a walk.

Chicago Bears 34, Jacksonville Jaguars 17