Around the League Tweets (Non-Twitter Version)

| December 7th, 2021

The league is bananas. And there’s a lot to digest every week. Here are some general thoughts.

  • Texted a friend of mine about this year’s quarterback class in the draft. Got a succinct response: “No starters”. So, if you are the Giants or Eagles, and you’re loaded with early picks, you’ll have to determine whether to wait a year before pulling the plug on your current starter. Daniel Jones and Jalen Hurts may not be “the guy” but replacing them with a high-profile veteran like Watson, Rodgers, Wilson may prove too costly.
  • Lamar Jackson is always going to have physical limitations with his arm. But his decision making is what’s proving costly for the Ravens. He’s playing recklessly and that team isn’t good enough to survive reckless quarterback play.
  • Not sure I’ve ever seen a tight end cost his team 14 points, but Gerald Everett did Sunday. He bobbled a touchdown pass into an INT and fumbled at the goal line. Without those two errors, Seattle blows out San Francisco.
  • Nine of Minnesota’s games this season have been decided on the final play. They are 3-6 in those games. That team is inexcusably out of the postseason right now and it looks like it will cost Mike Zimmer his job at season’s end.
  • It was not unexpected to see the Jaguars struggle this season. But I never expected an Urban Meyer team to be consistently blown out. (And Trevor Lawrence has not improved as the season has progressed. If anything, he looks burnt out.)
  • Joe Brady is to blame in Carolina, huh? Was it Brady who made a ridiculous trade for Sam Darnold? Did Brady try to rescue the season on the arm of a washed-up Cam Newton? Did Brady build an offense entirely around a running back that can’t stay on the field?

  • What the hell are the Cincinnati Bengals?
  • There wasn’t much attention on Rams/Jags, for good reason, but one thing I noted: Matthew Stafford is taking a lot of punishment. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he doesn’t survive the entire season.
  • Would Sean Payton leave New Orleans? Someone who is close to the situation has told me no. He’s paid quite handsomely and has free reign down there. But he’s got to solve the quarterback problem down there before September. What, exactly, are his options?
  • Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski might be second only to Joe Montana to Jerry Rice. And I’m not sure it is second to any combination in league history.
  • Other than his unbridled enthusiasm, I don’t get the Tony Romo love as an analyst. Is guessing the play to come that exciting? And what’s his accuracy level, about 60%?
  • Where do the Bills go from here? They go to Tampa, to face their nemesis, with arguably their season on the line.

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