ATM: Bears Should Double-Dip at QB

| April 13th, 2021

One might have to go back to 2012 to find a draft that was considered so strong at the game’s most crucial position. There are four players who most seem to agree should be selected in the top ten. Another who is a clear first rounder. Several more who are at least interesting. So whether the Bears are trading up or standing pat, the 2021 NFL Draft would be a good one for the team to spend multiple draft picks on the quarterback position.

If the Bears can get high enough to get one of the four best quarterbacks, it would be hard to criticize them. Assuming that isn’t possible, however, the Bears should strongly consider taking two quarterbacks in this draft. Typically, any quarterback taken after the second round proves to be a wasted pick. But, like 2012, the 2021 crop offers rare talent, and some unknown due to the pandemic.

Anyone who saw Davis Mills from Stanford wanted to see more. Mills was one of the highest-rated quarterbacks in the country when he signed with Stanford, despite a knee injury as a high school senior. Another knee injury sidelined him until late in 2020 when he took over. He then played just five games in David Shaw’s painfully conservative offense in 2021. But the talent was so obviously there.

Kyle Trask may be a bit of a statue in the pocket (he’s probably more athletic than he gets credit for) but he throws a nice ball, especially on deep passes. His production is difficult to ignore and it’s worth questioning if he’s really all that different from Mac Jones.


Kellen Mond showed gradual improvement during his collegiate career and had Texas A&M competing with the big dogs in the SEC. He has all the size, athleticism and arm strength one could want in a quarterback.

Jamie Newman seemed to put it together for Wake Forest as a junior, passing for 26 touchdowns, averaging 7.9 yards per attempt. When he announced he was transferring to Georgia, many thought he could launch himself into the first round, but he didn’t play at all because of the pandemic. Imagine if Russell Wilson didn’t get to finish his collegiate career at Wisconsin? He wouldn’t have been drafted in the first three rounds.

Feleipe Franks throws a fantastic deep ball and he chucked 17 touchdowns to four interceptions while completing 68.5 percent of his passes for Arkansas in 2020. What’s even more interesting about him is that he clocked a 4.55-second 40 time at six-foot-six. He has a funky delivery. But it’s hard to argue the results.

None of those players will be first-round picks and the reasons why are somewhat obvious. But they all have enough talent and production to at least be interesting. Perhaps none will turn out to be Wilson or even Kirk Cousins, taken in the third and fourth rounds of 2012, but they’re certainly more likely to succeed than, say, David Fales was.

If the Bears aren’t able to move up and grab one of the five best quarterbacks, they should strongly consider drafting more than one.  Ryan Pace said fixing the quarterback position was what this offseason was all about, it’s time to take multiple swings.

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