Re-Entering the Fantasy Landscape: Call for Sleepers

| August 31st, 2021

DBB’s reentry in the fantasy world has been an interesting experience. Not only have I not played fantasy football since 2003, I have completely ignored its existence. I had never heard of “ADP”; didn’t know that “target share” was a thing; never heard someone use the phrase “positive scripts”. I didn’t know about these things because they don’t have anything to do with actual football. And that’s okay.

Because what I’ve learned is that fantasy football has simply morphed into its own thing entirely. When I last played, your quarterback needed 250 yards to score. Your running back needed 100. Touchdowns were everything. Your draft strategy was pretty simple: pick the players good at football. Now, there’s more to it. Six catches for 49 yards would have gotten me zero points in 2003. Now, that’s good production from a running back in the passing game for fantasy.

My first draft in 18 years is Thursday night. I’ll have some thoughts on the overall draft process for Thursday and will post my team (with thoughts) on Friday. But today, I’m looking for help from those of you who’ve been doing this consistently for the last 18 years. I need sleepers.

In my league, I HAVE to draft three running backs and three wide receivers. I play two of each weekly. No flex. My strategy is to use those third slots on guys who might be perceived as shots: lower ADP, higher ceiling. (My strategies are pretty solid at quarterback and tight end.)

So using these rankings from numberFire, identify a RB and WR ranked outside the top 24 that you targeted/will be targeting in your fantasy drafts. Then, in the comments section, break down why you’ve identified them.

Who fits the bill? At running back, Trey Sermon, Sony Michel. At wide receiver, Tyler Boyd, Marquez Callaway. You don’t need to make an argument for these players being the best in the league. You just need to make an argument for their value in fantasy over the coming season.

Have at it.

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